Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Cactus...and Hannah

The Cactus Won :(

There is not much more else to say other than Hannah met a cactus for the first time and decided to see what it would feel like, on BOTH hands.  Poor thing was miserable. We tried to do the tape trick at my friend's house- by the way, DON'T do this!! So when I googled some ways to get the thorns out, it specifically said...DO NOT use tape!  The following is however one of the ideas they came up with.  Honestly, didn't really seem like it would be that better better of an idea. I was trying to get the glue to dry so I could then slowly peel it off (where it would supposedly take the thorns out), but the poor thing fell asleep while we waited.  I ended up taking the glue off with a wash cloth while she slept and surprisingly it only had a few thorns attached. Go figure. So, when she woke in the morning, I carefully pulled out each of the thorns with a magnifying glass and tweezers and finally, the problem was solved.  She probably had well over 50 teeny tiny thorns. :(

Poor Hannah ...

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Nomads By Nature said...

Oh, my. What a sweet but sad picture. I hope she is feeling much better.