Thursday, April 12, 2012

Victoria Falls...Part 2

I'm a bit delayed on blogs ... apologies. There was so much going on with everyone visiting, My Mom, Christmas and then Tom's Mom also came to visit. I realized I forgot to catch myself up and noticed about five blogs I forgot to update and send.  Again, my apologies, but here are a few of my ... catching up blogs. Enjoy!

Victoria Falls Part 2

While Mom was here we took a very long trip to Victoria Falls, as I mentioned in
Victoria Falls Part 1.  We stayed at an amazing hotel and finally got to see the falls which were breathtaking! I have never been to Niagara Falls, but I am sure if you have been know the feeling. A truly amazing experience. 

The kids enjoyed the first 30 minutes of the two hour tour.  They were pooped and extremely hot. It was very humid which is something we are certainly not used to in Harare, but should be well adjusted to after our year living in Atlanta. Ha

We had a great trip with Mom and even though she spent the 20 hour (total) drive in the trunk...which I still cant believe, (Thanks again Mom!!) I think we all had a great time even though the mini vacation was short lived. 


Monkeys ... as we walked to the falls

We went on a beautiful Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River

These are the 15-20 Elephants we saw crossing
the Zambezi River from Zambia to Zimbabwe. So cool!!

Below: The elephants, although blurry are in the background crossing the river.

What a great trip!! Thanks again Gam Gam!