Friday, September 25, 2015

FIRST Summer Swim Team 2015!

The kids had their first summer swim team this year. I was super excited for them both, for obvious reasons :), but also a bit nervous. I had honestly no idea what to expect and had forgotten almost everything about summer swim team.  Being a summer swim kid and being a summer swim coach had been washed from my brain.  How is this possible? 

But then things like this week into summer, and you adjust quickly. 
Thank goodness for Waterproof Casts! 


 This little lady won both of her very first heats, at her VERY FIRST Meet! This Momma couldn't be more proud. She truly loves swimming and this makes me even happier.  Way to go Hannah!!! 


She and Chase did a winter swim clinic that started in February every Sunday.  So maybe 6-7 of those practices total and then only about 3 of normal swim team practices (so far) as we got sick, etc. at the beginning of summer. So, with only a little help and instruction (she doesn't listen to her Mom)...she busted out this amazing summer of swimming. And guess what? .. She loves it!! 

These are her first events of the summer...

25 Freestyle, July 1, 2015

25 Backstroke- July 1, 2015 

Considering Chase had the fractured wrist at the beginning of summer, this kid conquered through! He swam in all the meets and lasted about 30-40 minutes at all the practices. I think he actually enjoyed swim team and the many social aspects it offers. ha And surprisingly, since Chase tends to complain about EVERYTHING, he only mentioned his cast a few times (being itchy), but never when it came to swimming.  Super proud of this guy too! 

These kids had fun and made some good friends along the way. 

Hannah also swam in the divisionals meet, their last meet of the season where they competed against all the summer swim teams. Check her out below almost winning her heat in backstroke and placing 7th overall in the event.  This is her first medal! Woo hoo! 

It was a great swim season and even though there were many rain delays and cancelled meets, the kids truly had a great time. Way to go kids!! So proud of both my babies!!! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Celebrating Hannah's 9th at the beach!

School started, yippee! This means I have more time to finish up all 80 blogs in my que that I have not had time to complete and/or publish.  So, get ready, you will be hearing from me ... a lot.  
Happy Reading! 

We celebrated Hannah's birthday this summer with a big surfing party in the basement with a beach, surf and sand theme to ...


Click HERE for one of Hannah's favorite songs from the 
movie and a fun clip from the film!

Hannah is clearly a fan of the show but also a big party planner (like her Mom). Most of her ideas came months before her party and she got almost all of her ideas on Pinterest. She loves that site, by the way, and she absolutely 100% LOVES to plan!

I think our combined efforts made for a super fun ALL GIRL, Teen Beach Movie 2, Sleepover, and  Surfing Beach Party success!  Although all plans/games go out the window when you get a box full of make-up as a present. ha!

Clearly, this birthday girl had a blast. 


Happy 9th Birthday to my cutie pie! You are a truly old soul with so much to offer this world. Stay sweet my little one, stay kind and always keep that big heart. 

I love you to space and space never ends (as you like to say).  

Check out all the fun pictures, party details and fun below.

Hannah's Birthday video!