Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Move # 8 is complete!

Yep, that's 8 moves in 6 years.

The good news is, our stuff from Atlanta finally arrived! Hooray! Bad news...quite a few things were broken. But only the one of a kind fragile items...which is just seriously frustrating. Such is this life I suppose, its just hard to lose special and irreplaceable things.  The packers packed a target lamp shade in a box by itself, wrapped in a thousand pieces of paper but somehow managed to throw multiple picture frames and Tom's Samurai (like) sword in a large clothes hanging box...with absolutely NO paper. Oh, and in the same long tall box with the picture frames and sword was my espresso machine (still, no paper). Really??  The hanging clothes boxes they brought were not actually even used for clothes because those were all stuffed in a regular square box.  They did manage to keep the hangers on- I mean, thank goodness!  This is moving folks, not one move is the same and yet I thought it would get easier.  It seems to be just more frustrating now that you know what is actually supposed to happen and now that you have also experienced excellent movers and really crappy ones too. Surprisingly the crappiest movers in all of our moves were from the US.  Errgh!

On a positive note however, all the boxes have been unpacked in just ONE week and this house is already starting to look a little bit like home. There are a few rooms left, but we are getting there and faster than we have done in any other of our moves.  I guess that is what moving too much will do to you.  I, on the other hand, thought I purged SO much stuff and somehow...it all still ended up here. How does that happen? 

I just realized too that we are still waiting on Tom's stuff from Pakistan- it left there in July. ??? I guess this move is not 100% complete, but we are almost there. However, Tom's stuff did leave on a random pick up truck and he received no paperwork. So who knows if we will ever see that stuff again. Ha Fingers crossed!

We have had lots going on, a fun Halloween, birthday parties, etc. but that will have to come later. Again, downloading the pics- it takes forever!!!