Friday, May 4, 2012

Easter Weekend .... Fun!

Let me just preface this blog by ... it should have been a we got out of town for Spring Break blog, but that did not happen. Chase got croup and an ear infection two days before we were supposed to take a trip to Lake Kariba and we decided not to go. Luckily, we did not because as a family always does...the sickness spread and spread all the way down the line.  Hannah got sick, then Dad .. and then Mom. I mean I held out for at least 3 weeks, I thought I was golden. However, Mom finally got it.  Anyway, it was still a nice relaxing week and even though we did not go out of town, we still had a great time.

Lion and Cheetah Park

On the Friday, before Easter, we decided to go about 20 miles out of town to the Lion and Cheetah Park. We also went here when Mom was here, but Tom did not get the chance. It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy a beautiful day.

Balancing rocks (what Zimbabwe is known for) and some warthogs checking us out at the car.

Checking out the Zebras!

A Tortoise over One Hundred years old!!
  Below: Our car picnic while watching the animals. Pretty Cool!

We spent Saturday of Easter weekend at the DCMs house, enjoying food with friends and watching the kids go on an Easter Egg Hunt.  They had a blast, but mostly they just enjoyed beating each other up, throwing each other down and chasing one another.  Such a pleasant Easter thing to do. It was a beautiful day and I think everyone had fun.

On Easter Sunday we got invited to my friend Julie's house where we enjoyed a big Ham, a big Turkey and anything and everything else you could imagine for Easter Brunch/Dinner.  We normally can not enjoy that kind of food here in Zim. It was so wonderful!  The kids played all day and night and so did the adults. The adults ended the evening with a fun game of charades. I am sure you can imagine how that turned out. Ha

A beautiful rainbow for Easter dinner

It was all in all, a LOVELY weekend.

Chase- so exhausted from Easter.  Army men in hand (with one still standing) and completely passed out on the floor. I think he had a pretty fun day!

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