Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And so it begins...

...from my new blog about my writing journey. More updates soon. Enjoy!

It is October 3rd and I am attending my first writing conference in just a few short weeks.  I am nervous, I am elated, I have written only what I feel are a few GOOD pages. :/ I have too many stories written.

I feel like I would of written more, but as most of you know, I have been a little busy. ha ha

I have just moved from Zimbabwe to Virginia less than three months ago.  There has been time spent with family in Atlanta, Georgia and exhausting house hunting trips to Virginia.  Just recently, we were all in my sister in law's wedding one weekend and the next weekend attended their Indian reception.  Oh, and we even bought a new car, closed on a house, drove eleven hours up to Virginia with that new car, the day after we bought it from Georgia. OH yeah, the day before the Indian reception and all in less than two weeks.

Tom arrived a month and a half after us from Zimbabwe. This was less than three days before walking his beautiful sister down the aisle.  An amazing moment I might add, and one we will never forget!!  With Zimbabwe elections- we had no idea if he would even make it back in time.  Thankfully, he did and it was an incredible moment! After the celebrations, and the visiting with all of the relatives, we drove up to Virginia and stayed a week or so in a hotel. We had the new house painted and carpeted and we were then finally able to move into our new home.  During this time unfortunately we also found out about the passing of my father in law.  This was a not so happy time.  The last three months have been nothing to yell and scream about, unless its an enormous amount of tears needed to fill up a room.  Some happy tears and many not so happy tears. 

We have unpacked boxes again...for the, I don't know, what feels like 50th time in eight years.  It is two times with each move and we have now had seven moves in eight years of marriage.  Its crazy to think about, isn't it? But yet we sit here in our new house, finally in the USA, in just a little over a month and it feels as if we have been here for quite some time. Don't get me wrong, there are boxes to be unpacked, piles of clothes, books and toys in some of the rooms, and we do not even have a sofa yet for our living room, but we are here, we are home.  We are in our now new, and personally OWNED home for the very first time since we have been married.  It is exciting, it is fun, it is freaking expensive!!

I never want to complain about the adventures we go on, because how can I really, right? We have had so many wonderful journeys, we have been so very blessed, and have seen more than people could ever imagine in a lifetime; but honestly- it is A LOT.  It is so much, that sometimes you can barely take the time to reflect on it all.  You feel that you are constantly on the move and once you arrive in one place, you are thinking of where you will be next.  It is overwhelming to say the least.

We are now in a place that we should be for a minimum of three years, and possibly longer. And most importantly, we are finally back in the USA!!! This is exciting and scary at the same time.  Three years? Tom and I have never lived anywhere more than TWO years in our eight almost nine years of marriage AND never in the USA as a family.  Crazy again, right?  It is a truly blessed life and there is so much to reflect on and I am hoping this is the tour we can actually take the time.  So far however, I am not sure how all of that will turn out.  Tom has now started his new training for the job in Virginia that will last until February.  Sadly, he has only been in this house for one week of the six weeks we have actually lived here.  In case you are wondering, this life style is not for the weak hearted.  It is day after day of adjusting and re-acclimating.  It is an absolutely crazy life. 

I have however decided to make this tour different.  This is going to be My Writing Tour.  I have wanted to write for a long time, but especially since the day I walked into Barnes and Noble, months before Hannah was born (seven years ago), searching for a traveling book for kids. I wanted a book to read my precious baby before we moved to Israel after she was born and through the years.  I could not find one.  I searched online, finding a few- some that are still my favorites today, like Granny Goes to Market, but there is still not that one book.  This is why I am now going to write...all of them. :)

There are many books I want to write and have written since that day. So many! This is something I have talked to my family about on occasion, but not much more, and it is something I knew in my heart I always wanted to do but honestly, was not quite sure how to admit it to myself.  For me, it was just finding the time and finding that story. I needed a story I was truly passionate about, I just needed that "idea"!  Well, I have finally found it, I have actually found many ideas!  With this newly found passion and a million resources to guide me now that I am finally back in the US, I am finally starting this official writing journey.  I am overwhelmed.  I need more time in the day, I need my... housekeeper!! ha ha

Over the years as I occasionally mention that I am working on a book or writing a book, I get many responses.  Some might say, wow, that's great- can I read it?  Or better yet, oh, that's easy, I just wrote a funny children's book last night.  I understand your thoughts, thank you for them all (there are so many).  But what I need my family and friends to understand is that this, for me, is different.  I understand this road will not be easy, and I know that I will personally have many challenges.  My goal however is not just to write a small little book, my goal is to become a writer and I want to be published!  This may take years, it might take months (ha)  and it may never happen. But, I am at least going to TRY!!  It will not be easy and I am prepared (as much as one can be) for the challenges ahead.  And you know what, I am ready.  So... bring it on!

With boxes to unpack in our house and without a sofa for our living room, I sit here writing for the first time in what seems like years.   This is my motivation; sharing and telling stories,  and writing about my adventures with my family.  This is one story I can not wait to share and I look forward to starting this wonderful journey with all of you.