Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Our FIRST Camping Trip!

We just took our first camping trip last weekend in the Shenandoah Valley. 

You can check it out here:

Looks like this place would be a blast in the summer. :)

It took us about two hours to get there and it couldn't have been more perfect. There were 28 camping sites available- and we were the ONLY campers.

This beautiful Four Season room only cost $32. :)

It was our first time, so it was simple. We cooked hot dogs on sticks and made s'mores (of course).  And for breakfast, sausage and eggs.

We walked down to the river to check out the view and take some pictures too. It was a beautiful weekend!

Other than that, we played games- had no electronics and truly enjoyed every second.

Here is to more camping trips... when it gets warmer. :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

FIRST Summer Swim Team 2015!

The kids had their first summer swim team this year. I was super excited for them both, for obvious reasons :), but also a bit nervous. I had honestly no idea what to expect and had forgotten almost everything about summer swim team.  Being a summer swim kid and being a summer swim coach had been washed from my brain.  How is this possible? 

But then things like this week into summer, and you adjust quickly. 
Thank goodness for Waterproof Casts! 


 This little lady won both of her very first heats, at her VERY FIRST Meet! This Momma couldn't be more proud. She truly loves swimming and this makes me even happier.  Way to go Hannah!!! 


She and Chase did a winter swim clinic that started in February every Sunday.  So maybe 6-7 of those practices total and then only about 3 of normal swim team practices (so far) as we got sick, etc. at the beginning of summer. So, with only a little help and instruction (she doesn't listen to her Mom)...she busted out this amazing summer of swimming. And guess what? .. She loves it!! 

These are her first events of the summer...

25 Freestyle, July 1, 2015

25 Backstroke- July 1, 2015 

Considering Chase had the fractured wrist at the beginning of summer, this kid conquered through! He swam in all the meets and lasted about 30-40 minutes at all the practices. I think he actually enjoyed swim team and the many social aspects it offers. ha And surprisingly, since Chase tends to complain about EVERYTHING, he only mentioned his cast a few times (being itchy), but never when it came to swimming.  Super proud of this guy too! 

These kids had fun and made some good friends along the way. 

Hannah also swam in the divisionals meet, their last meet of the season where they competed against all the summer swim teams. Check her out below almost winning her heat in backstroke and placing 7th overall in the event.  This is her first medal! Woo hoo! 

It was a great swim season and even though there were many rain delays and cancelled meets, the kids truly had a great time. Way to go kids!! So proud of both my babies!!! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Celebrating Hannah's 9th at the beach!

School started, yippee! This means I have more time to finish up all 80 blogs in my que that I have not had time to complete and/or publish.  So, get ready, you will be hearing from me ... a lot.  
Happy Reading! 

We celebrated Hannah's birthday this summer with a big surfing party in the basement with a beach, surf and sand theme to ...


Click HERE for one of Hannah's favorite songs from the 
movie and a fun clip from the film!

Hannah is clearly a fan of the show but also a big party planner (like her Mom). Most of her ideas came months before her party and she got almost all of her ideas on Pinterest. She loves that site, by the way, and she absolutely 100% LOVES to plan!

I think our combined efforts made for a super fun ALL GIRL, Teen Beach Movie 2, Sleepover, and  Surfing Beach Party success!  Although all plans/games go out the window when you get a box full of make-up as a present. ha!

Clearly, this birthday girl had a blast. 


Happy 9th Birthday to my cutie pie! You are a truly old soul with so much to offer this world. Stay sweet my little one, stay kind and always keep that big heart. 

I love you to space and space never ends (as you like to say).  

Check out all the fun pictures, party details and fun below.

Hannah's Birthday video! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Blog Update

Hello again!!

Just another quick update...

I have been writing a bit on my new blog, but not much. This has been on my TO DO list for the summer, OK- year.  However, keeping up with it ALL can be hard and you all know the main goal is to write...BOOKS. :) I am writing daily and building up my patience one day at a time.

I'm Writing!!! 

I am writing and writing but also need to add a little more reading time in as well. This is the only way to get better and I am working on it.  Again...patience, frustration, thrown wadded up papers (yes, people still write on paper) and a little more patience.

Although frustration persists, I am enjoying every second that I can to squeeze in a little writing time for myself.  I have also just started an online writing class that has been AMAZING!! It has connected with me other authors and writers and is really testing my writing skills. I SO need this and love it!
Although trying to fit this into a summer with the kids, swim team and Tom being gone- have brought many challenges.

Then again, this is what late nights are for and... WINE, of course! :)

Oh, and more on our FIRST SWIM TEAM SUMMER ... Soon!!

xoxo~ Heather :)


I thought I would post a few of my recent blogs from below if you are interested. There are plenty more, but I just posted a few.  Enjoy! 

I recently took a painting class that involved, painting, wine and piper. What could be better than that? 

Check it out here: Painting Class

I LOVE Children's Books, so I wrote about quite a few of my favorites and ones that the kids too. I needed a little writing inspiration that day. :)

I also love... PINTEREST. I decided to create an easy way to plan meals using Pinterest, but without getting too overwhelmed and getting sucked in by this amazing social media monster! 

Enjoy and more to come soon!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Chase!

Happy 7th Birthday to my BIG boy!! 

Chase just celebrated his 7th Birthday with an outdoor movie and sleepover party. I wrote about it here on my other blog, 

Please go and check out this crazy guy's fun day!

One of my favorite pictures with my sweet and crazy boy when he was 4. Love you so much sweetie, hope you enjoyed your BIG BOY 7th Birthday! 

I Love You!!! Mommy :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

...and I'm Back!

I'm back, I'm back. Oh wait, you thought I left? Don't question it for a second. I am just here adjusting to the FIRST WORLD, as strange as that may sound.  A year and a half back in the states and you would think I would have it all together, on the contrary, I am just now figuring things out.

Things that are going on...

We should be packing up our house right now, but for the first time ever, in our almost 10 years of marriage we are still here, restful and somewhat enjoying this snow. Ha! We are NOT planning consumables to ship, shopping for years worth of clothes, medicines to order or trying to understand a new city in a far away country.  We are not planning a thing but our Spring Break trip to Atlanta and summer swim team. So strange! In a few short months, we will have lived in Virginia- the longest we have lived anywhere as a family.  Seems absolutely nuts, right?

There are pros and cons to this lifestyle.  It is crazy that we would be packing up right now when I just now feel like we are finally getting our lives together and planting roots, not just for me but for the kids too.  But I am envious of my friends about to embark on a new journey. This is why we love this lifestyle and wanted it in the first place... the excitement of the unknown.  So I am struggling with the feeling of getting settled but am missing again, that intrigue.  However, in one very short year... we will be there and I may or may not be ready to go, I guess we will see. 

For right now, I am truly excited to be here! I will become a substitute teacher finally...after about a 4 month long application process and should finally start any day now. I am very excited! I have also been attending writing groups and have actually been a writing machine working on a few very special children's books.  I cant wait to share them with all of you!

The kids are getting into sports and if you can believe it, getting the same friends from the year before on teams. I never thought this would ever happen! I find this amazing and so very special. 

Hannah and Chase tried soccer this past fall for the first time.  Chase found a love for soccer, Hannah found some new friends she loves. ha! :) Chase starts his third season of baseball in a few weeks, but is moving on from T-ball and will now be doing coach pitch. This should be fun to watch! And Hannah is very excited about swimming on the swim team this summer for the first time- Mommy cant wait! And Chase, well- he is excited about swimming so he can hang with some friends. So again, we will see.

The point is, they are having fun in their new home and I am excited about the new opportunities it is bringing us all. I am glad we are here, pretty close to our family (although I wish it was closer at times), and getting ready to enjoy a fun filled year. I am excited about THIS adventure for now and will happily wait for whatever comes our way next.

Here is to more blog posts, MORE writing and a happy, healthy and fun filled year!!