Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Hearts!

Last week, Hannah's school had their yearly Happy Hearts auction.  It is a fundraiser to raise money for the school.  We bought the spaghetti dinner tickets for the church, and geared up the whole week before deciding what to bid on with over 350 items on the list. Yes, 350 items! It was crazy.  I thought there might be like 30, since each classroom participated. Hannah's class project was done by myself and another Mom this year. We made a somewhat impressionist painting (made by the kids) to sell at the auction. We were pretty serious about it, picking the canvas, the absolute perfect colors to coordinate, the right tools and the the perfect direction for each child.  They were allowed a few brush strokes here, a comb there and/or a splatter.  It was really fun to do and I think it sold for $75 at the auction. So, not too terribly bad. Right?  Below are some pictures of Hannah and the kids working on the project. 

Hannah also performed in her very first singing "performance" with the class the same night as the auction. We went to the spaghetti dinner, made bids on the items and then watched Hannah perform. She did great!  They sang two songs as a class and one song for the whole school.  It was fun to see her perform for the first time. Surprisingly we were not the only ones excited about Hannah perform. Gam Gam, Papa Scott and Papa Andy also came. :) Chase yelled out in the church, as everyone was quiet, "Hannah, where are you?" and could not wait to see his sister sing.  It was very cute!!

 The final production at the auction

Hannah is in the middle with the brown top

The adoring and proud grandparents :)
Gam Gam, Papa Scott and Papa Andy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh...and by they way, HAPPY HEARTS are all over the Rhodes house today!! Daddy came home (after an hour plane delay) at 2 am last night for his last R&R three week trip- Thank goodness!  The kids were OVERJOYED to see him this morning AND in the middle of the night. Hannah woke up and found Daddy in the bed. I ddint hear her come in, but I sure heard her talking. She kept Daddy up all night jibber jabbing about anything and everything. They moved to Hannah's bed so Chase and I could get some sleep. (Chase was in our bed before we got home- ha) However, not too much sleep was happening last night, the kids were just too excited to go to bed and just flat out- OVER tired from a busy week. They just couldnt settle down. Daddy was coming... HOME!!!  You know what? I don't blame them one little bit. :)

Welcome Home Daddy!!!
We missed you!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Potty Training tip for Mom #151

He's Clean, I will give him that.

Since I just encountered this second incident, I thought it might be time to share my potty training story as this is one I need to have "on record" for later years. 

I am currently potty training Chase. It is not the best potty training, but I am trying my best. He was ready in October, but Mom was not. Shame on me. Now, his desire has slowly dissipated.  He is interested, but doesn't really care one way or another unless of course some sort of treat is involved.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes again...he could care less. All it normally takes is a little jelly bean and he goes pee pee - no problem. However, going poop is another story.  I know when he needs to go poop, he wont sit down, he says he needs to go, but then says he can't, he gets antsy. So, I sit beside him on the stool so we will relax, we read the potty book and eventually...he poops.  I know, too much information for you non-parental types. But, this is how it works (for me, anyway). 

Then, there are those moments where 10- 15 minutes has gone by and Mom has not asked if he needs to go potty and Chase is all of a sudden..very quiet. TOO Quiet.  This is when Chase suddenly appears with no pants, no pull-up or training underwear and where Mom goes berserk. Where are your pants, where is your diaper???  I react this way as the first naked boy incident was a complete surprise. Chase's first clean up.  In our playroom/sun room there is a large rug.  I allowed Chase to go diaper less for about 10 minutes. During this time, Chase decided to poop (on the rug), got a towel and then decided to clean it up himself. Therefore rubbing all poop contents in a nice large 1 1/2 foot circle into the rattan rug. Yes, with many, many fibers!  I do not have a picture of this as I was too angry and in too much of a hurry to get it cleaned up and aired out, but it was quite the site...and my first for pooping incidents. Hannah never did anything like this or even close. She was actually constipated the whole time, but that is another story. Ha

So, since this incident, we do not go without pants...even for a few minutes. And normally I am asking that constant question...do you need to go potty? Lets go potty!! Come on Chase, do you want to get a potty treat?? Yes, similar to a dog but currently I am running out of options.

Today, I found yet another incident.  He came to me (as I was paying bills on the computer), without pants and without his pull-up.  I said, OK where did you go? Where is your diaper? Where are your pants?? Frantically looking around the house and making sure no poop was on our brand new rugs from Pakistan most importantly. I mean, that IS important!! However, finally I found it. It was in the bathroom...thank goodness. But he had respectfully, taken his diaper off, put it in the trashcan and then used one washcloth, one hand towel and one bath towel to clean up his poop.  It was all shoved in the bathroom trashcan. Except for the bath towel, that was just on the floor.  There was no poop anywhere, but the toilet water was all over the floor beside the toilet and the toilet seat sopping wet, so I am not sure what happened there, but honestly ... do not want to know.  I urgently cleaned his body, his hands and yes, his still disgusting bottom and then finally cleaned the bathroom. I just now rinsed the towels and threw them in the wash too and while sitting there cleaning off these towels said...I have to write this one down! :)  Again, no pictures as I was a little too frantic.

Eventually, we will get there with the potty training and hopefully before we leave for Africa, Im praying! I am just hoping he gets a really good laugh out of this one day.  He is quite the character!!  Again, all I can really say is ... at least the boy is clean. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shower Blogging

I'm just calling this one Shower Blogging. Why? Because I seriously write emails, blogs, and even make lists of phone calls I need to make...in the 5 minute shower I get; ummm...every other day.  If its longer, my blogs are longer, my emails longer, etc. So, if any of you read this and wonder why I haven't written...dont worry, I HAVE!!! Ha Ha I suppose when your only free minutes seem to be during a shower or when you pretend to go pee and lock yourself in the bathroom (yes, I have done this)...your mind tends to wonder about the things you would really LIKE to do. I have also written a few books in there too. Ha I mean, when the world makes a shower ipad...I will be set!! (Jill, did you say this same thing? I cant remember, but if so...thanks for the line. Ha)

So, to recap you on the series of events that have been going on over the last month or so, I will sum it up in this blog update.

We went to the Barnum and Baileys Funundrum Circus! It was surprisingly entertaining and even the grandparents had a good time- I think.  Chase was a little mesmerized and stunned for the first half, but then after I bought him a sword, he was fine. Oh, the things you do. Hannah took her little neighbor friend from across the street, Sabrina. They had fun, got a pretty little pony and we were happy as two kids in a candy shop.  It was fun, but I will probably go ahead and just check that box....for a while!!!

The Circus:

Left: Gam Gam, Papa Andy, Papa Scott, Hannah, Chase and Sabrina

Hannah's Half Bday:
Hannah celebrated a Half Birthday (at school)! When you have a summer birthday, they allow you to pick any day before the school year ends so they kids still get a chance to celebrate with their school friends. Its a cute idea and I think Hannah loved it. She is however a little confused as to when her actual birthday is. By the way, its actually June 30th.  :)

Mommy brought Tinkerbell cupcakes which Hannah helped me make and strawberry frosting. We also brought some cookies and little Easter bags for the kids. I got to hang in the class while they celebrated which was fun and check out the other kids too. It was great!

Hannah with friends at school for her half-bday and also helping frost and make the cupcakes too! :)

Father's Night with Uncle Justin:
Uncle Justin, the wonderful Uncle that he is, took Hannah to her first Father's Night at school. They had a blast coloring, having fun and eating snacks. He said this was Hannah's favorite part. Ha But they had fun and Hannah loved going, taking him along and showing him off to her friends! Thanks Uncle Justin!!!

Papa's Visit:

We also got to see my Papa, my Dad's Dad, last month for a short visit from Tennessee. So glad he got to see the kids and they got to see their great Papa! Hopefully we will see him again before we leave!

By the way...Daddy is coming home in 3 days for his second and LAST R&R!! We are all so very excited! We just cant wait!
See you soon Daddy!!! :)