Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mothers and Fathers

Since its Father's Day and I forgot to post something about my sweet Mother's Day. A recap.

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers day was great, I got breakfast in bed and a beautiful day to spend with my family. This year was different as the kids were thrilled about Mother's Day.  Maybe they talked about it more at school?  Hannah made me some neat things that I have to share. The best however was her Mother's Day card.  As you can see, she is still sounding things out phonetically. Mother & Mudr? You get what is sounds like, but of course she hasn't a clue.  I mean, you cant help but chuckle.  It was a beautiful day as is EVERY day with my children- ha, and very special. We decided to get out of town for the day and go to the Bird Sanctuary about 30 miles outside of Harare. It was a gorgeous day and as you can tell, the kids had fun. And you know Mom had fun, I get to see some more birds!

Left: Can you see how she spelled...Mum. Ha & Hape Mudr Dey to me!

Bird Sanctuary at Lake Chivero

Do you see Chase HIDING under the bench, was scared out of his mind of these birds.  Obviously, Hannah was not afraid. It was pretty cool to see her holding these owls. They are beautiful!

Happy Father's Day To My Wonderful Husband!

The kids are super excited about Father's Day this year as well. Its a day to celebrate Dad, but its also the day before we leave for...Atlanta!!! Woo Hoo!! So the kids, although very excited about Father's Day this year are also excited about the day after too. :)
 Every Dad enjoys a good game of golf on Father's Day, hopefully soon it will be with Chase. :) Daddy, Chase, and sometimes even Hannah and Mommy get out in the yard and practice hitting balls. Its pretty fun and you know what...Chase is pretty darn good too!!

Unfortunately for Daddy- or fortunately, however you want to put it - ha, we ended up taking a family day of mini golf instead of real golf and also went to sushi.  This was the kids first time for mini golf and might be their last ... for a little while. Although frustrating at times, it was a
all in all, a fun Daddy day. :)
Below: I took this from one of my friends, her son did this in school and I thought it would be a fun little present for Daddy on Father's Day. They don't do stuff like that here unfortunately. :(
You never really know what they are thinking, so I thought it would fun.  Chase had a ball with it, answered pretty fast and Hannah got frustrated and wanted me to tell her the answers. I think they liked it though and Dad too.

Daddy and the kids on our new Tonga Door Bench. :)
We will call it a Father's Day present. Ha

To the most amazing husband and father... I love you!

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