Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ryder Cup at Leopard Rock

A few weekends ago, the kids and I joined Tom for a golf tournament, a mini Ryder Cup at Leopard Rock Golf Resort. (Princess Diana went here! ) It was great!  The US Embassy played the Brits in what was a, down to the last put, 3 day tournament, where unfortunately the Americans lost.  Tom however played brilliantly (as the Brits would say) and the scenery was well worth the trip and absolutely breath taking.  It certainly made me what to take some golf lessons after that trip. How could you not want to play golf on this BEAUTIFUL course???

We rented a golf cart on the last day and watched Daddy shoot some seriously nice shots!
The kids enjoyed it, the golf cart was fun, although we had the PETROL cart (not the silent one).  You certainly knew when we were headed around the corner- which was stinky!  We had one fun story where we went down a extremely large hill (not sure if that was for the golf cart or not), Hannah was screaming and Chase was saying Wooo Hooo! It was actually kind of fun until we landed plop in front of one of the teams putting. Hannah started crying and Chase yelled, lets do it again!!! Ooops!

 Daddy, look at that ball go!!!

 The kids and I also went on a hike while Daddy played golf.  It was hot, the kids were exhausted, but I think it was fun. And Chase got pretty close to some zebras- kind of cool! :)

You may not be able to tell, but these are both TOTALLY FAKE smiles! It was almost as if they knew how to say some bad words and were doing it right there through their teeth. 
Oh, my little angels.

Chase, doing his usual. Why not go up to the Zebras, I mean...what's the problem, Mom?

Hannah's friend from school, Isabelle, was also there. This made for much easier entertainment for Mom...thanks goodness! Her Dad played for the Brits.

The 2012 Ryder Cup Teams

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