Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Chase

...and Hannah too!

It was the POWER RANGER and BARBIE Party!

We decided to go with the combined birthday party this year. One that was WAY over the top, but as you will see below...FUN!!!  Hannah and Chase both wanted parties with their friends this year since they are now going to school full time, so..that is what we did.  And since Hannah will be gone this summer in Atlanta, we decided to just put them both together. 

It was a beautiful day with about 50 kids and parents too!  We had lots of food, about 75 cupcakes and 3 bouncy castles! Oh, and there was a clown, but we had to make him take off his costume, Chase was too scared. :( So, the random African guy chasing all the kids is actually...the clown. Ha

 Lets not forget the face painting and tattoos! Over the top? Absolutely! This however will NOT happen again...but it was a Super Fun party and hopefully a memory that will last ... well, for a little while. :)

The Birthday Boy and Girl

3 Bouncy Castles...Oh My!!

Power Ranger Chase and Barbie Fairy Hannah

Chase put on his new power ranger costume on at 11 am, with all the sweat, bouncing around and heat, he kept it on ALL day until he went to bed.  Since the party last Sunday, he has put it on immediately when he gets home from school and wears it while he watches the NEW 1995 Power Rangers movie.

Lots of kids to enjoy the fun and sing Hannah and Chase ... Happy Birthday!

Hannah and Chase loving their individual cup cakes. That was so fun to make!

Mommy and Daddy trying out the bouncy castle

Daddy in his power ranger shirt, borrowing Chase's mask..and pretending to have a good time. Ha 

This picture is from our "actual" celebration- ha ha, yesterday- his birthday. We had a simple day with donuts for breakfast and a nice lunch out with a brownie and ice cream for dessert.  We opened a few special presents and had dinner at our neighbors. All in all, it was a fun day. I think Chase would have been just as good with that day than a 3 bouncy castle party, but its ok.  They all had fun and seemed to of enjoyed the festivities immensely.  Lets Hope!! :)

Happy Birthday Hannah and Chase...We Love You!!

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