Monday, October 24, 2011

Imire Park

Last weekend we took our first trip out of town to a place called Imire Safari Ranch.  It was only about an hour and a half a way, which was great, but we still decided to stay over for the night.  I am so glad we did! We left early in the morning and followed a group of Embassy families for the fun day together. There was about 20 of us, including kids, and we all had a great time. They all went home around 4 pm and we got to stay for some fun stuff that night ... and the next morning. Enjoy the pics!

Our Elephant Ride

Dad and Chase...too cute for words with the Rhinos in the background.  And Hannah with the elephants.
So cool!!

Chase and the Zebras with his "bone" he found. Not sure what kind of bone it is, but he found it and picked up it immediately. (Probably a zebra or cow bone). He would not let anyone look at either. Ha

A baby elephant trying to say hello to Chase...I think. Kind of neat though that the baby lifted up his long nose to him.  :)

Taking a break for our lunch and after, feeding the Elephants their lunch. Super fun!!!

Hannah and Mommy...and Daddy and Chase on our ELEPHANT RIDES!!! What an experience!
Tom and I talked afterward...we were both worried about the exact same thing. What in the world would happen if this elephant had had its last ride and decided we are the ones to get booted off and while we had our KIDS!  We were both trying to come up with scenarios if the elephant stood up or tried to throw us off.  It was still relaxing, dont worry- just my hubby and I's crazy head. Ha Luckily, that was not us and the elephant did not decide to "boot" us that day either. Ha Ha

It was a breathtaking view and a once in a lifetime experience. Hope the kids remember this one! :)

And last but not least, the kids passed out on our safari. Ha!

After the Embassy crew left, we got to stay for Sundowners (drinks) and snacks. We watched one of the most amazing sunsets while wild animals grazed behind us and we watched the falling rain in the distance.  Truly breathtaking. 

If I take the time to download the rest of the pics- you will never get to see these- sorry!.  Just got Internet fixed today, it worked for three days- go figure.  More pictures to come, but for now...hope you will enjoy these.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

...and we are BACK!!

Back ONLINE that is...thank goodness!!! We have connected ourselves back to the outside world and not soon enough, I was going a little stir crazy!!

We have moved into our new house as most of you know, and all of our household items have also arrived (in country), just not to our new home yet.  This is Africa, so who knows what is going on, but at least it is here and hopefully that means any day...we can set up our house (as much as possible).  At least it will feel a little more like "home" with pictures and a few more of our things. 

So, here it is...our beautiful home!
More soon...

Front of house (which is kind of the back) - Front door is on porch

Back of house - but what you drive up to.  Guest house is small building to right of house.

Part of our beautiful garden that has spinach, lettuce, onions, hot peppers, herbs and celery.
We have just planted tomatoes, green beans, squash, more herbs and carrots.

Pool and patio

Patio, fire pit and built in fire place

Side yard (next to pool) and fun playhouse for kids