Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Girls Weekend!

I just spent a very long overdue and much appreciated GIRLS WEEKEND with my very good friends from college. We realized while sitting and chatting that we have all known each other for 18 years. It seems crazy to think about, but its true and boy do we have the memories to keep us laughing for another 20 years.  My three very good friends, bridesmaids, college room mates and swimming buddies from GSU (Kim, Meredith and Lesly) and I spent a fun three day weekend in Jacksonville, Florida at my friend Lesley's house. It was incredible. Kim, Meredith and I drove down Friday afternoon and came back Monday afternoon. It was not nearly long enough, but so much fun.

We got surprised by BOOT CAMP our first morning due to the fact I suppose that #1, our friend Lesley has not seen us in our while and thought we needed a good workout (Ha). #2, She thought it would be a good joke...even though we still had to do the one hour workout (on the beach- that was actually the best part) at 7 am in the morning or #3. Just because she is Lesley- and we would have only expected this from her, our super workout Marathon runner. Although VERY out of shape, it was really fun and a nice start to our first morning together. We had no guilt having Mimosas after that workout. :) We spent the rest of the weekend catching up with each other (and our sleep- ha) and I could not have been more thankful for the time.  It was absolutely wonderful and one tradition I hope we can keep up, even with ALL my crazy travels!!

Thanks to Nonne and Mom for watching the kids for me too! I obviously could not have done it
without you!!

It is times like these that make you truly appreciate having old and dear friends. Ones that you knew you way before you were the person you are today. They loved you even during awkward times, hard times, and the most craziest of times.  They were just always there.  It is now, during this CRAZY life I live of moving every two years, that I truly appreciate them and all those wonderful friends I lost touch with over the years and have now been able to re-connect with back in the US this year.  This life is like no other and one that few can really understand. Each time we move, you are dropped into an unfamiliar territory, given a house you have never seen before, friends you have never met (and some you may not want to- ha) and placed in a far off world that few of us ever imagined ever seeing in their lifetime...and your just supposed to "live".  Don't get me wrong, it is not a life I take for granted, I truly love it. It is just different. It is something you learn to love and it is a life I am thankful for each and every day. Although, this year is pushing it for me with Tom in Pakistan. Ha But, seriously, I do...I love it. 
It is special times like these however...Girls Weekends with long lost friends, that make you truly appreciate the memories and the lifetime of friendship that you have shared.  I am just so thankful they are still in my life... through it all. 

Thank you my wonderful friends, Meredith, Kim and Lesley for an amazing weekend. And thank you to all those who have made such an effort to keep in touch with me over the years and reconnect with me while I am back in the US, even if it is for such a short time.
A few memories...

(the only shot I could find scanned in (ha), during college- sorry Meredith!)

(Pictures below are a few years after college)

And now a few highlights from our Girls weekend....

Before Bootcamp

Love you All!!!