Monday, March 29, 2010

15 Days and Counting! here we are, 15 days left in Nairobi, Kenya. I can not believe time has flown by so fast! I feel like it was just yesterday that we only had six months left and now it is just two weeks! As with most moves and especially our life, the pros and cons of moving get exasperated each time it happens. I just had a great friend from here leave today. It seems that the more you come and go, the harder it is to say goodbye, but also the harder it is to say hello. Subconsciously you dont want have to get close to someone and then, in another two years, say goodbye. And although, as adults, we tough trough it. It is starting to become harder watching our children now go through it as well. This is too part of the life we live. We get to see the world, go on a safari, journey through the Old City in Jerusalem and make long lasting, unforgettable memories. However, it is not always easy.

So, now...I sit, I organize (again and again) and I start to pack for the next journey in our life. I take pictures of the house, of the kids rooms of the compound we live on, of friends that the kids play with, hoping that they "might" remember something from their time here. Seeing the lions, leopards and cheetahs were of no interest; however, the monkeys at the house were a big hit. Ha They might remember that! But you try and make these memories for them, hoping that what were doing, the life we are giving them is worth it in the end. Right now, we truly feel that it is. These experiences are once in a lifetime and hopefully the car rides, the plane rides, the jumping from house to house will, in the end, make them stronger and more adjustable and more open to new experiences. But, sometimes you just never know and all you can do is hope for the best.

As I am sitting here writing this blog I get frustrated in the fact that I have five other blogs waiting to be sent before this one. I just have not had the time to download the pictures that go with each blog. I at times, and most of the time, have blog envy of my friends that can keep their friends and family so updated on everything going on in their lives. Sending updates once and twice a week even. But, I am who I am and I do the best I can do...and today, this is it.

I now have to sort through our entire house to start our shipments next week! We not only have just one shipment to send out, we have FOUR SHIPMENTS!! 1. Nairobi to Atlanta 2. Nairobi to Pakistan 3. Nairobi to Storage (in Europe somewhere) 4. Nairobi to Atlanta- Fast Air Shipment (we hope!) So, I now have to organize the house in a way for the Kenyan packers to understand, this should be fun. All we can do then is hope Tom does not get the kids toys when he gets to Pakistan, that we do not get his 100 military books in Atlanta and that the furniture gets sent to storage and not one of our new homes (or gets lost). We also have an air shipment to Atlanta which is pretty much the only thing we can count on. It should arrive within the month and then we wait, three months, maybe more to get the rest of our things. I go, another night of writing lists for tomorrow. I will be picking up the last of our souvenirs, because you can never have enough baskets (ha ha) and will begin to start the next journey of our life.

You will be sure to hear from us before we leave...but the other five posts waiting to be sent may take a while.

I made a shutterfly photo album for Hannah and Chase. Hope they will remember some of the friends we made there. :)

See you soon!!