Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hannah's 3rd Birthday Bash!

We celebrated Hannah's Birthday this past Saturday at our compound playground. We moved things around a good bit and made room for the festivities. When I say festivities, I mean...festivities! She was so excited about her party. However, she was also very excited about the party dress she got to wear (and the matching one her doll got to wear as well).
This was her new Bitty Baby present for her birthday!
Adorable! With matching crown and sweater too!

There was a bouncy castle. As you can see Chase was also enjoying himself! I am not sure if you can see him behind Hannah's crown in the second picture. He is laughing his head off. So funny!

She had a beautiful homemade cake our neighbor and friend made for her. So sweet!

There were clowns and of course a puppet show.

And last but not least, there was face painting for ALL!! Yes, including Daddy!

The party was a hit! Everyone had a blast and so did Hannah!

What I did not show you and probably should not tell you is that we also got a keg for the party. Something I know Hannah will be real proud of later in life when we show her pictures. Ha Ha Nothing like a three year old birthday bash with a keg! We continued to celebrate Hannah's Birthday late into the evening (without Hannah of course). Poor Hannah had no idea that we celebrated her birthday all night long. Someone had to finish the keg, right?
Our neighbors did a fine job of tapping the keg around 3 am. Tom and I made it home that night around 12:30 am. It was a long day for the parents as well as our sweet Hannah. We are just glad she had a good time... of course. :)
Happy 3rd Birthday Hannah!
We love you!

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