Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Next Tour!!

Well, the good news is that the kids and Heather will be heading back to ATLANTA for our next tour! The bad news is that Tom will be going on an unaccompanied tour without us for a year. :(

So, it is official. Tom finally got the word and he will be headed out next summer for a year tour after he takes a short home leave back in the states. Tom will be the Regional Security Officer with his own shop which is great! The kids and I will be near our family and friends which will be helpful for all of us to keep our sanity and have loved ones close by while Tom is away.

I am obviously being positive as it will not be the best year of our life; however, with Tom having three breaks back to the US, it will be like three, three month Temporary Duty Assignments. This is so easy!! Ha

Well family and friends, no more quick day trips to the mall for a quick coffee or meeting out for just one beer. The grandparents will not have to worry either because there will be no more quick weekend visits or short day trips. I can actually go out and have two beers (maybe three, ha ha), have an entire meal for breakfast instead of just one coffee and we can actually plan a vacation with the grandparents because get ready...
we will be there ALL YEAR!!! :)

Now, if I could just figure out how to get my housekeeper to come to Atlanta next year.
My life would be so much easier... hmmmm

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