Monday, July 6, 2009

At least the kids looked cute

We spent our Fourth of July at a small picnic for the Embassy families. Next year someone has got to order some good ol' American Hot Dogs online and it may have to be me!! Those bright pink things they cooked were horrible! What about some cole slaw or even some baked beans? Or I know, maybe some potato chips? It was a poor effort, but a nice day out with the family regardless which makes it all worth while.

Like I least the kids looked cute!

Above: Fourth of July pictures. If you look close enough, you can see Chase's first and only tooth!

Chase sweeping around the house this weekend. This is what the gardeners use for cleaning. Chase spent a good hour cleaning the entire front of the house. He had a blast! Not sure about Chase's adorable sweeping wall pose. I guess it just one of those priceless captured moments. It is good thing Mom always has her camera out! Ha

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