Monday, July 6, 2009

Monkey Business

Well day came and I actually captured the moment. A very beautiful and quite large vervet(?) monkey was on our front porch and about to ENTER our house! It was around 5:30 pm and I had just gone to the car after our Fourth of July festivities for my bag. The kids were eating dinner and then I remembered how bad the mosquitoes are at that time and went back to the shut the door. I am sure you can imagine my surprise when a
monkey was right in front of me.
Well, from what my friends have said, they really would not hurt you unless provoked of course.
They can actually eat right from your hand; however, I am not willing to take the risk with a wild animal. All they really want is food. We have a large banana tree in the back of our house, others have avocado trees and even mangoes that the monkeys love. This is all they really want.
This monkey however does not seem scared of any humans. He hung around our compound all weekend and was even here again today!
While I was giving the kids a bath around 6:30 pm Piper started barking wildly out at Hannah's window from her room. At first I thought Dad was home, but then I realized when she was looking right out the must be another monkey! I went to the window and he/she was looking right at us through the window.
I must admit, it is pretty cool. Until they actually come in our house and raid our pantry
(which is what they have been known to do).
Guess we will keep our doors shut for a while!

On Left (or top); picture taken without zoom from front door
On Right (or bottom); close-up from front door

On left (or top); checking for food in our laundry room. (picture taken from back door in kitchen). FYI- Our laundry room is detached from the house.
On right (or bottom); picture taken from kitchen window. The monkey was on our window and then jumped up to the other house above us. Yes, we are that close to the other houses! Ha

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