Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Third Time's A Charm

No I'm not talking about another baby people, I'm talking about my THIRD Halloween Blog! Plus, for those of you that even thought on earth would I have gotten pregnant? Ha Ha Halloween this year, our FIRST in the US, was wonderful although it was missing the very fun and goofy side of my other half. :( Luckily we had his brother to make up for the "funny" costume this year and we got a really good laugh. Thanks Justin!! :) We had the family over to our new house (including Nonne from Charleston!) and even had the neighbors too! We had some fun nibbles, a few drinks and got ready for the big neighborhood Halloween event.  FYI, a wagon is essential in trick or treating...just in case you didn't know. It either carries alcohol for the adults or your tired children, either way...its a great thing to have! :) Ha

We first went to a neighborhood pot luck and although we didn't actually participate, we met up with some of the kids so they could play a little while it was still early and then headed out on our trick or treating path.  Chase had a little trouble with his costume as the spider man pants would not stay on and he refused to wear the top half, so in a last minute effort...he was a cowboy with chaps and all. It used to be his Dad's when he was a kid- so cute! Although the chaps did not stay on the whole night (even after I stapled them to his jeans), the vest made it for the entire evening. He started out in the house with Mom's cowboy hat, but that didn't make it either. However, Papa Andy decided to add the hat to his ensemble for the evening, so at least it got some good use.

They loved every minute of Halloween this year, if you cant tell. Chase went in after the first hour with Nonne and Uncle Justin and Aunt Christin decided to go home- it was a school night!! But Hannah, Papa Andy and myself stayed out an extra hour...for some more fun and extra treats. The whole weekend was a blast! Thanks to all who celebrated with us!

We missed you Daddy! These pictures are for you...

Trick or Treat!

Hannah with her BFF during "late night" (after 8 pm) Ha Ha

Our New House with the fall leaves :)

Chase looking to see what he got in his pumpkin, walking in the neighborhood and Papa Andy and Nonne taking a little breather. Ha

Hannah with the neighborhood gang and a pic with Uncle Justin and Aunt Christin. (Chase in Spider-man outfit before the "change"). Ha

Chase with his new friend Quinn, my Witch shoes and our new neighbors :)

With the family :)

Chase as a cowboy and Nonne in her feather mask with the kids!

Special Agent Rodney Sanders on his protection detail for Hannah and Chase. :)
Justin...your so cute!!

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