Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Almost Halloween...

... and still doing things. What a crazy week!!

I am just going to say these two words about crafting and Halloween that has helped me get this entire week literally "together".  It's called ... SPRAY GLUE!! and my new favorite thing.

Now, back to Halloween...

The kids did so much this week! Not only did they spend the whole week decorating and getting ready for Halloween, they also enjoyed dressing up for school on Friday and going to a small school Fall Festival Friday night.  On Friday, Hannah wore two costumes. The first was a last minute put together by Mom as to not mess up the original outfit that I had spent a few hours perfecting.  The things you do, I suppose. Ha :) However, I loved every minute of all the crafting I did this year and loved it last year in Kenya too.  

For school Hannah was a fancy (and scary- at her request) witch and Chase was Batman.  And for the Fall Festival that night Hannah was a princess, of course! Chase ended up being an army soldier in his camo after he refused to put on his spider man jacket. He was all about the pants, just didn't want to wear the jacket.  He did however want to wear Hannah's tutu, but we decided against that and went for the soldier look. Ha

The kids dressed up for school...

Chase in his batman shirt (actually a pajama top) with cape and Hannah as the fancy (and also scary) witch. I added feathers to the hat brim and collar to spruce it up a bit.

First United Methodist School Fall Festival

My absolute NEW favorite picture!! Its actually real folks, they are not faking the love!! Its precious! :)

Hannah as a Medieval Princess and Chase as Camo Chase! I made the hat, wand and sparkling gold slippers to match this adorable princess dress. :)

Papa Andy joined us for the festivities, thank goodness! This place was a mad house! You could tell however the kids had a lot of fun as they have never seen a gymnasium like this one before.  They had three bouncy castles, face painting, games for the kids to play, popcorn, cotton candy, cookie decorating and crafts upstairs.  And all for the price of two canned goods.  It was great! I can also say it was well worth the headache after we left with all the kids still screaming in our heads.  It was also worth the snippy father who let his four kids jump in front of us in line after we were waiting for 10 minutes for that darn put put golf that Chase was overly anxious to play.  

I promise, it was ALL worth it! Right Dad? Ha Ha :)

  Hannah making a necklace and Papa Andy at the end of the night with ALL the "Stuff".
 Had to capture the moment. :)
Thanks Papa Andy!

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