Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Bees...

It’s been busy around the new Rhodes house. We have been getting settled of course with just our small shipment of furniture, but doing fine. However, last week our shipments from Kenya and Israel joined us. Wow! I mean, I knew we had a lot of stuff, but I had no idea. We did have the largest amount of crates come onto the Shanzu compound in Kenya, so I am not sure why I am surprised. Ha But, here we are...in the mess. Or I guess I should say, here "I" am...in the mess. It is not the easiest task trying to unload boxes with two small kids running around but yet again my family here in Atlanta has come to the rescue and helped me out on numerous occasions and I could not be more grateful. Whether it is helping me unpack and being here for me with the movers- Thanks Dad! or just watching the kids for me the WHOLE day the movers were here- Thanks Mom! It’s been wonderful help!! I still have loads to do, but I could not have done it without them...no way, no how, so... Thank you!!

As you can see below there is still quite a bit to do. Ha ha. My goal? Just finish it all by the time Tom comes home. :) Good goal, right honey? Ha By the way, this was just the "rest" of the stuff that I did not what to do with. Oh yeah...the rest has been put away.  Just need a day to open, sort and throw away...just one day, or two or maybe three!!

So, as we sit amidst our chaos, trying yet again to make order of our life we still are left with a very tight and busy busy schedule in between.

We have just gotten over what seems to be a month of sickness, ear infections and "possible" strep for the whole family, but luckily we missed that one. I guess we had what 95% of what everyone else had- just yuck! We have been recuperating but we have also had lots going on and visitors too.

Nonne came to see us for a weekend from Charleston and helped us put up Halloween decorations! We had a ball! :) Aunt KK came to see us as well! We took a great trip to the Botanical Gardens and Piedmont Park which the kids also really enjoyed. :) Uncle Justin and Aunt Christin have come to visit us a few times bringing us dinner and playing with the kids, which was great. Gam Gam (Grandma) also took us to see Disney's Toy Story on Ice where we got front row seats! What a wonderful treat!!! And Hannah took her first school field trip to Stone Mountain Park with Mom (my old stomping ground). Luckily, we also had our first NO cry drop off with Chase at school this past Friday. This is also wonderful. And last but not least, I also had a chance to go out with my sorority sisters for a night from college. Some of us had not seen each other in over 10 years. That was so much fun!

All in all, things are busy but super fun and everything is finally falling into place at our new little home here in Decatur. We love the neighborhood and are looking forward to our first real Halloween in the USA for the kids! It should be a blast!

Thanks to all of you for reaching out, checking in and just saying Hi. It really means so much! I know Tom appreciates it too. :) Only 7 more weeks and he will be home for Christmas!! We can’t wait!!

Enjoy the below pics from October. More soon!

Above Pictures - Front Row at Toy Story's Disney on Ice :)

Aunt KK and our trip to Piedmont Park, the Botanical Gardens and putting up Halloween Decor :)

Uncle Justin and Aunt Christin..having fun!

There are so many more pictures (although Nonne would not let me take any of her)...I will get you this weekend Nonne, don't worry.  :) .  I still have not even downloaded my iPhone pics...I'm so bad! and yes I know, these all should have been separate blogs. It seems however that getting on the computer has been difficult for me lately as it is impossible during the day and then I end up falling asleep at 8:30 pm with Hannah... and I still have so many boxes to unpack. I am working on it though. I promise, I'm working on it. Ha

Hope you enjoy this beautiful fall weather. I know I am!! Seeing the leaves change colors for the first time in
four years is absolutely incredible. :)

P.S. We are still waiting to hear on our next posting. We keep waiting, and waiting and waiting....eeggh!

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