Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hannah's first Field Trip!

Hannah had her first FIELD TRIP to Stone Mountain Park!

Oh how I wish I had a picture of me somewhere at Stone Mountain to compare with Hannah.  It is pretty neat that my daughter went on her first field trip where I have taken so many myself.  Being overseas certainly does not allow you to have this at home connection and I must admit, it's a nice feeling. As you will see she has adapted quite quickly and seems to be enjoying her time with friends and in school.  I was so glad to be able to participate in the trip, it was so much fun.

They had a scavenger hunt, roasted marshmallows and climbed a little of the rock!

Hannah with her teacher, Mrs. Howard

Two of the four year old classes went on the field trip (at bon fire) and Roasting her first Marshmallow

Hannah and her new BFFs, Sabrina (her neighbor across the street)- they are holding hands, and Luci.

The class :)

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