Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are moved in!

How long has it been anyway? Since I sent an email, sat down at the computer or had a glass of wine? Its been a while. But, the kids and I are here, we are in our adorable new little house, computer has finally been picked up at Moms so I can write a note and we are starting our next journey on our own... yet again.  And I am starting this one as a single Mom (temporarily of course).  We still have plenty of "extra" things to pick up at my Mom's house that I just have not had time to get...the final pick ups should be taking place this week.  With my wonderful family helping me every step of the way during this move, I cant complain. I fit in the move when I could and when I had someone to watch the kids.  I feel pretty lucky that it hasnt taken longer. Lets hope I am all done by this weekend and getting this place as close to ready to be lived in as soon as possible!

Its not been too bad (the single Mom part), just busy, busy, busy. Like any other day really but at night it gets hard. However, its been less than two weeks, so ask me in a month or two. :) However, lets hope by that time all energy will be focused on Daddy coming home at Christmas.  There wont be too much stress about late nights, time-outs or breaking up fights, we will have much more to look forward to so I hope it will help me during that time of need.  Ten more weeks cant come soon enough honey...we cant wait!!!. :)

So, to keep ourselves busy as most Moms do during the school year, we decided to have Hannah take dance at the Decatur School of Ballet and Chase is taking Mommy and Me at Atlanta Gymnastics once a week.  They both love it!

Hannah is in heaven as her girlfriend from school and dance lives across the street. Its really cute. She ask to play with her the second we pull in from school.  Although we have only had a couple "play dates", it has been nice to know that she has a friend she can play with along with a few others on the street. Once we get a little more settled, I am sure "play dates" will come a lot more often. At least, I hope! I take that back, maybe not. 

Our storage items arrived safely from Miami last Monday.  Yes, when I say Miami, I mean the items we put in storage when we moved from Miami, Florida five years ago. We have not seen it since then so it was definitely a surprise to find some things we totally forgot about after all that time.  It was 3,700 lbs; two bedroom sets and a dining room table along with misc. other items but most importantly...there were beds! So, after those items arrived, we could officially move in. Although we currently don't have some basic things like lamps, towels, silverware, plates or glasses...all of these items should be coming from Kenya in the next month or so.  Don't worry though, we have borrowed plenty and are doing fine. We actually don't need much more but isn't that how it always goes.  You realize how little you really "need" in life and then you still have another 4,000 lbs of storage "stuff" coming...and you have no idea what you will do with it all. But because of our life and moving as often as we do, both Tom and I felt like it would be a good idea to sort through it all now that we have or own place. That way we wont have to wait ten years before we see the things we put in storage initially. I am glad we did it. However, this might be another ... ask me again in a few months question when we get the rest of our storage from both Kenya and Israel and I have no place to put any of it.  Garage Sale here we come!!

Pics of the new place coming soon. For now, enjoy the kids at their new after-school activities. By the way, please remind me to move Piper's food bowl that is now sitting right next to the computer... it smells horrible, gross!

Chase...running, running, and running at gymnastics.  He is so exhausted he had to take a break on the trampoline (bottome left). Mom is actually wiped out when we get done..he wont stop until we get in the car!!

Hannah already posing for her ballet pictures, she knew just what to do! Waiting for the other girls to get to class (top right) and the girls getting ready for their first class...just adorable!! (bottom right)

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