Thursday, September 9, 2010

Super Mom!!

We just had a great week in Charleston at the beach visiting Nonne!

I was impressed with myself that I took the kids (and dog) on a five hour car ride by myself for the first time and didn’t scream too incredibly loud. We all made it there with smiles and left with smiles.

I realized however that in one week I only took two showers!! I know, I know, it’s really gross if you think about it, REALLY gross! However, the goal was keeping the kids happy and entertained. Yes, my personal hygiene was sacrificed, but the kids were thrilled with each and every moment of their day and not a dull moment to spare. Sadly, I didn’t even realize I had only taken two showers until on my way home, in a swim suit, in sand, itchy butt…yes, ALL FOR THE KIDS! And I said, you know what…I'm a good Mom. It is really the only thing I could say to make myself feel better. I also wanted to take my kids and my dog to one last beach visit before we left, so I sacrificed my five hour car ride home. However, my intentions were to grab lunch and change clothes at a restaurant once we got in the car from the beach. I mean the kids were changed and had most if not all sand removed of course, but Mom didn’t have a moment. When the kids fell asleep within five minutes of getting in their car seats…I knew it was worth it. I mean that was the point, to get them to pass out and sleep, but I realized the itchy butt, the sand; all of it… was again worth it in the end. And for this, the lack of hygiene and for the sand that itched my bottom for the entire five hour car ride...I decided to just call myself Super Mom for the day! Ha

The kids had a blast and that was what the whole week was about…them. It’s been a while since I really focused on them and them alone. With all we have going on, trying to cope with the day to day, the day to day without Tom and the what to do next day to day…I felt like the kids were suffering a little, although you would never know it from their view. A change of venue was in need however and the beach was the perfect answer.

Each day was jam packed with things that Nonne planned and we actually only hit the beach three days out of the seven day six night trip with the last trip being the morning before we left town…and it was great. We went on a carriage ride around Charleston which although extremely interesting and historical for me, was only glamorous for about the first 5 minutes for the kids and the first ten minutes prior to the carriage ride when we got to see the chickens sitting outside the barn. Oh…toddlers. We also took a ferry boat tour around Charleston which the kids did love, Chase especially! Luckily too there was the downstairs air conditioned part which saved us all during the 99 degree heat. It was relaxing, the kids got to look around and it was a beautiful ride. We went to the children’s museum where the kids played pirate, Hannah played princess, dressed up in an old Victorian gown and Chase had his sword and shield- of course, ha. They painted, played in water and even got to play grocery store, scanning in their grocery items and the check out. It was too cute! The kids and I also gave Nonne an afternoon break and had a movie trip to see The Return of Nanny McPhee. This was nice, air conditioned and also relaxing. I debated the whole movie trip, but the kids were exhausted. Hannah was sleeping with Nonne at night in her condo and Chase and I slept in the upstairs condo. It was fine, but of course there were no naps involved for Chase the whole week which led to some extreme moments and of course the inevitable crash out any moment we got in the car. The trip to the movie started at 4 pm, they fell asleep within 5 minutes of getting in the car. Hannah woke up and Chase never woke from the car seat removal, to entering movie theatre…until 45 minutes later. Again…these kids were just flat out exhausted!

We got to see Aunt Alexis a few times, but our timing was off and unfortunately did not get the quality time with her we all would of loved to of had.  It was great seeing her when we did and Hannah made the most of every moment with her Aunt Alexis. We went out to dinner, played at the beach with the dogs and she also played dress up & put make-up on her Aunt Alexis too.  It seems to be Hannah's tradition, I am sure Alexis doesn't mind. :)

Nonne entertained us every second without a moment to spare and we all had a blast. I am sure she can attest that a week chasing and entertaining these crazy kids around is a lot, but I know they had a blast. For this, I will not only call myself Super Mom but also call my wonderful Mother in Law. .. Super Nonne!

The kids and I had so much fun! In the end, that's what it’s all about. :)
Thanks again Nonne...for everything! We love you!

Check out our fun slideshow from our trip:

Charleston Beach Trip

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