Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Beginnings

And so with one adventure, always leads us to another...

We are going to now start a new challenge with chaos and madness, but needed change for the kids and I. The Rhodes family seems to have few dull moments and with no lack of entertainment. This always seems to be one thing you can count on...entertainment. We live a life that seems to give us no rest, for now anyway ... but it is also one that we love.

The kids and I have decided to move from Mom's house and get our own place.  We were lucky and have found a home only 20 minutes away from my Mom and 5 minutes from my Dad. It is a great little house in a perfect neighborhood with little kids that Hannah and Chase can play with, an absolute dream.
We hope!! Ha

And we move out...  next week!
We are heading to Decatur, Georgia only a few miles from Emory University. 

If you read the last blog...the kids and I just recently took a trip to Charleston. The week before that, I went looking for houses with my Mom and Dad but didn't find anything.  I wanted to be close to one of them, but wasn't having much luck in either locations. While I was gone, the perfect house was found. So once we got back from our trip I quickly searched for a NEW preschool for Hannah. 

We got back from the beach Saturday afternoon, I called schools to see if they had any availability on Monday, signed the lease Monday evening, went to see the schools on Tuesday and Hannah started school on Wednesday of last week.  Whew!! Hannah's class was actually full and a boy dropped out that morning that I took the tour...another WHEW!!! Like I said, never a dull moment. Lucky enough for us, a few of Hannah's classmates will actually be our new neighbors as well. It seems to all be working out beautifully. We will however keep our fingers crossed for the continuation of this steady flow of good fortune. We will need it!


Hannah leaving for her first day. In her new classroom finding her new shelf for her bags.

Hannah taking a non hesitated and quick seat with the other girls. With a big smile to Mommy out the door and a hug goodbye, she was fine and surprisingly, so was I. I am certain she was excited and nervous but more than ready to meet some new friends and have some fun. This is all you can really ask for.

Above are some pictures of Hannah at her school picnic with the class on September 8th at the local recreation center across from the school.  It looks like she is having some fun with the girls...and so is Chase. :) It was nice to meet some of the Moms and get a glimpse of what the next year will be like for Hannah, Chase and even Mom too!

Chase started his first day of Mommy's Morning Out Friday!! What in the world will I do?
He did great. Walked in the room ( I had to wait outside), stood in the middle of the room with his bag and waited for the teacher to come and help him out. I was so sad the poor guy standing in the middle of the room alone. However, the teacher soon saw the worry on my face and she showed him where to put his stuff and that was that.  I of course was paranoid wondering if they knew how curious he was, if they would make sure he would not get into too much trouble, that he had enough to drink,etc. Freak Mom!! But, all was fine. I picked him up four hours later and he ran to me. Not with a smile or a frown, but just a run and a hug.  We will see how the next visits go but for now, he seems OK. Mom of course shed a few tears on the way home, but she will also be fine. 

He was thrilled to pieces to finally use his spider man backpack we got him in Kenya.
He has been waiting to go to "school" since Hannah started going last year! I think it was more than backpack than anything. Ha

Hip Hip Hooray for School!!! Yippee!

The next few weeks will be crazy, so if you don't hear from me...don't worry.
We are all just getting settled...AGAIN!
By the way, this is Move #8 since April!

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