Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is this our home for today?

While visiting Aunt Alexis and Grandma Nonne in Charleston, we decided to check out some beach houses...just for fun.  While walking up to one of the houses with the kids Hannah says, "Mom, is this our home for today?".  If you can imagine the thoughts of my poor children, moving from place to place to place, day after day.  It is hard to imagine what ideas run through their tiny little minds at this age.  Again (and this I will always say), I can only hope that they will  become better children and more "adjusted". Ha Ha. 
Because... THIS is our life!

Just to give you a re-cap of where we have been in the past few months since we have arrived to the US from Kenya on April 15th...

15 days
Arlington, VA; one bedroom hotel

22 days
 My friend Michelle's house in northern Virginia

4 days
 A very small one bedroom hotel in Alexandria, VA

11 days
 Home to Atlanta,GA to my Mom's house

 6 days
 To Tom's Mom's house in Atlanta, GA

10 days
 To Visit Tom's sister and Mom in Charleston, South Carolina

5 days
 My Dads house in Decatur, GA

So after 7 different places in two months time, Wednesday we will finally be back to my Moms house again for one last FINAL PLOP!

If any of you were wondering why I have not called since I have come back to the US, don't take it personal ...the above is why. 

I want to thank everyone that made an effort to visit us in Washington, DC, in Charleston, South Carolina and in Atlanta while we have been running around.  It has not been the easiest trip, actually it rates #1 so far as the worst of our transfers, but we are hanging in there. We are all healthy, we are surprisingly happy although extremely sleep deprived, but we are together for now and we will make the MOST of any time we have together...no matter where it may be. 

Here's to any of you who knows what this feels like.
Calgon...TAKE ME AWAY!!!

Our last visit with Tom's Papa before we left DC

Visiting my good friend Robert from high school and his wife Christy with their new two
week old son Adam in DC. 

Our good friends, The Schapers who we knew from Israel but are now heading to Kenya. We were able to see them in Charleston!

With Nonne at Isle of Palms in Charleston

With Aunt Alexis in Charleston. And a surprise visit from the (soon to be) Aunt Christin who just happened to be in Charleston while we were in town.  That was fun! Thanks Nonne for babysitting. :)

And last but not least, my good friend Michelle who I also knew in Israel. She is the one we lived with in northern Virgina and who opened up her home to the kids and I while Tom was in training.
Thanks again sweetie...for everything!

Good friends and family...cant wait to get more of that while I am HOME! :)
Love you all!

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