Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Chase!!

... a few weeks late.

Chase's 1st Birthday had two celebrations last year...and two this year as well!  What a lucky guy!! Since we were in DC on the day of his birthday, May 25th, we decided to celebrate at Chuck-E-Cheese.  We had just gone a few weeks earlier for my friend Michelle's son, Charlie. Chase fell in LOVE with the Chuck-E-Cheese mouse and I could not resist seeing his cute little face light up when we went there again. Why not, right?  We had a lot fun, enjoyed playing with all the games and especially winning tickets. Actually, Chase's favorite part was stealing other people's tickets. Oops.  We obviously had a blast and actually got Chuck-E-Cheese to come sing Happy Birthday with us and pose for a picture.

A trip to see Papa too on Chase's birthday (before we left town)...
Thanks Papa for the $..Wow!

We left the next day after Chase's birthday for Atlanta and since we would be with family so soon after Chase's birthday, we celebrated again on June 5th with family.  Chase had a fun day with his grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and loved playing with lots of new toys. He had a fun Spider Man celebration put on by his Nonne (Tom's Mom). Thanks Nonne, it was super fun! :)


Although Chase is not quite the talker Hannah was a two, he is a thousand times more curious. He can say the important things and tell us what he wants, so I guess this is all that is "important" to him.  He loves being outside and loves to investigate and figure things out on his own.  However, you cant leave him alone for more than two minutes.  For example, this week he managed to get a pen and color the entire lid of his Aunt Alexis' toilet.  He also managed to spray the entire living room with dog carpet cleaner; the couch, the carpet, the TV cabinet and the glass patio door.  Last week he ate a fire log (don't worry he is fine). I mean it did look like a candy bar.  Oh, Chase...so busy, so curious...but so cute and so much fun! We love you!
Happy Birthday sweetie!

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