Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adjusting in the USA

We are going from Party in the USA to Adjusting in the USA.

I have had quite a few of those moments since we returned to the USA. Most visits are short or when I am about to deliver a baby (ha), but regardless...they mostly last only around six weeks. We spend most of that time visiting family and friends, eating yummy food, preparing for our next departure and shopping for items a whole year in advance. But this time...its different.

I have now been in the US about 6 weeks and 5 weeks of that was in DC moving from hotels, apartments and friend's houses. But now we are finallly home in Atlanta. Now, we start our next life, but in the USA.  At least the kids and I will. All of it is overwhelming for me, at times it is for Hannah as well but Chase has not quite grasped the gypsy life we live. He is accepting each challenge with each day and hopefully will be come just as well adjusted as the rest of us as the years pass. I say this laughing...ha ha.

We got to my Mom's house last Wednesday after we made a quick decision to get the hell out of dodge and finally get home to ATLANTA!.  The 100 square foot hotel we were staying in pretty much made our decision more than clear. We were ready to go! With the State Dept. funding no transfers from DC (including a car rental or airfare), the kids and I luckily got buddy passes from my Dads and jumped on a plane to Atlanta. Piper almost got left in DC due to the embargo, but made it on our flight at the last minute. Oh Piper, nothing but drama! This is the first time Piper has been able to travel with us from post. We were happy it was a smooth transition for her this time around. You can check out an older blog, Piper is Here, for some of Pipers travleing drama. We love our Piper!! Tom stayed in DC, finished up some work and then joined us this past Saturday. 

So, now we begin what will be a hectic month. Tom, the kids and I will be busy visiting family, taking trips, and shopping for HIS move. I on the other hand have to learn how to start a normal life. My life in the USA is about to begin and one that I honestly don't know how to live at times. I am overwhelmed by all the "things" that people buy or can buy and I am saddened by cities and towns changing so drastically due to the economy.  I feel lucky to have a home to live in where I know the kids and I will be loved, but I feel out of touch with how people live here. For me, living overseas is easy. Life is simple and this... I love. So bare with me as I adjust to moving back, try to find a school for my children and also try to enjoy this busy last month with my husband before he finally ships off for the year. 

(All the highlighted blue words or phrases are links to web pages or other blogs. I just figured out how to link the pages thanks to my friend Michelle, so I went a little crazy- ha).  

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Just US said...

Hi! I discovered your blog and enjoy reading about your adventures. Good luck with your adjusting period! It is never fun, especially when the hubby has to be deployed. My hubby just got back from doing a year deployment to Baghdad and although it was not fun, we survived :)

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or if I can answer any questions you may have. My e-mail is