Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween at the Rosslyn Ridge compound. It is a nice compound of over 80 homes that basically looks like any normal neighborhood. We however live on a smaller compound of only 20 homes. We enjoyed being there and getting to visit so many houses for Hannah's first real trick or treating. We were not quite sure what she would do and as expected, she was ready to stop and eat her one piece of candy after the first house. After we bribed her telling her that she could have more candy (meaning Tom could have more candy) if she went to another house, she finally dragged along. We were the last ones left of over 100 kids, but she was very cute and we had a lot of fun. Although some of the houses had already turned off their lights by the time we got to their homes. Regardless, Hannah had a good time and Chase was a trooper in the stroller the whole night. They both lasted until after 9 pm. Wow!

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