Thursday, November 6, 2008

Piper is Here!

After 4 long months of no Internet and no Piper, they both have finally arrived! We could not be happier for Piper to be here, we missed her horribly but know she was well taken care of by our family back in Atlanta. Thanks Dads!

It was a tough trip for Piper as she had to leave Atlanta Tuesday evening, arrive in Paris, France Wednesday morning around 10 am, then leave Paris to go to Nairobi at 7 pm that evening (spending the whole day in Paris by herself). She then arrived in Nairobi around 6 am on Wednesday our time. We were very nervous and rightfully so as we have heard many stories about pets getting lost, getting out of their crates at the termial and things I can not even think about during layovers and transitions. Horrible stories!

So, when we got the call from our contact at the airport that no pets arrived off of the plane from Paris...I am sure you can imagine our reaction. I was Hysterical!! I called Tom crying wondering if something horrible had happened, if she has taken the wrong flight from Paris to who knows what country or possibly someone stealing our wonderful little Piper. Who knows? I called my Dad around 2 am his time frantic and did not know what to do. He was calling France checking with the airlines and Tom was trying to work his angle at the Embassy while I sat patiently awaiting some phone call from someone telling me our sweet little Piper was OK, even if she was still stuck in Paris.

After waiting a very long two hours to get any sort of news about Piper, we finally received the call. She DID actually make the flight and that they had been misinformed. Eeeeeggghhh!! For those of you that have pets I know you can empathize.

Now she is safe in our new home in Nairobi with Hannah chasing her around the house, constantly using her as a pillow to lay on and Chase chewing on her paws and grabbing her fur any chance he can get. She is yet again, part of the busy Rhodes family...full force whether she likes it or not. Ha

If she has any complaints it is that in her nice but small backyard only has about a 10 x 10 foot square of red dirt, the rest of the yard is stone. Our little Piper is so spoiled that our snooty world traveling dog will not go pee-pee or poopy on the dirt and we have to walk up to the playground in order for her to go to bathroom in the grass.

Oh Pippee, we missed you...

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