Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Bizaar Bazaar for Shopping

On December 6th, we went to a great Bazaar for some Christmas shopping. It was much like something you would see in the US for a state fair or carnival, but without all of the rides. It took place at a horse race track. All the vendors had tents set up and there was straw laid out all over the race track. This is on top of the RED horrible dirt that you see everywhere here. It made for dirty clothes, but it was certainly an interesting way to do some Christmas shopping!

They had face painting, jumping castles and even clowns and performers for the kids. And they even had Santa (surprisingly a Caucasian man) but he also seemed to be a either a tad bit tipsy, extremely old or maybe just really tired. Ha. All I know is that despite appearances, Hannah was absolutely thrilled to see Santa! It was her first siting although we did not get to meet him this particular time.

For me, the shopping was awesome! They had everything from baskets, pottery, jewelry, handmade wood furniture and even your favorite Obama t-shirts. And everything was made here in Africa and mostly by villages or missionaries who would then get a majority of the proceeds. You can't beat that and it was a lot of fun. They even had lots of alcohol for the adults (the guys-ha). The perfect environment for the whole family. Ha Ha

Below are a few pictures of the kids with their faces being painted as well as some of the bazaar.

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