Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe

A few of my pictures uploaded today - Hooray! (HA)
Our Trip to Eastern Highlands - November 2012
Mutarazi Falls
We spent the first half of our trip of Eastern Highlands, driving in the rain on a horrible road without being able to see 5 feet in front of us. We got a self catering cabin in the middle of nowhere and I mistakenly did not break enough food or warm clothes for this part of the trip. But, all in all- it was a unique trip, at times- absolutely beautiful and quite adventurous for us all. 
(Eastern Highlands is that little green smudge on the eastern wall of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, under Nyanga National Park.)

 Is this fog incredible or what? Looks like a spooky haunted forest and believe me, around dusk- it was!

On our way to see the tallest waterfall in Zimbabwe
(even taller than Victoria Falls!)
This was not a BIG National Park, there was no one around, no borders, just edges that dropped off to the falls- so much, that we did not even let the kids get close enough to even see it.
Was it worth the hike? Absolutely.
Hiking to the falls - kids did AWESOME!!
A picture below of where we were hiking and how FAR up we were - crazy!
Mutarazi Falls
(this was from the drive leaving Mutarazi and heading to Aberfoyle)


We spent two days at Mutarazi Falls and then headed to our next stop- Aberfoyle Lodge.
On our way to Aberfoyle...
This is where we stopped for gas- oh yes, this was THE gas station.
The drive...was...amazing!! It was by far the most beautiful part of Zimbabwe I have seen and definitely my favorite. Tea farm after tea farm- just breathtaking!


Aberfoyle Lodge
The lodge we stayed at dated back to the 70's with some seriously priceless décor.  Have I mentioned no ceiling fans and no air- SO HOT!  The view and the drive there however...
worth a MILLION!!! (about an hour and a half from Mutarazi)

Tea Farm on the property
Walking down to the waterfall...and swimming in the waterfall. :) SO fun!

Look at these kids!! So cute! :) This is when they were being nice to each other. Ha!


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