Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Happy Day!!

I can't believe I just turned 38, but wow...I did and here I am - 2 years before the big 40. Holy Crap!
It was a very nice day; dinner with hubby and cake with the kids after.  After our busy weekend and Marine Ball, some of the girls took me out for a nice dinner too. 
It was a great birthday and a fun week!
The kids and Daddy made the cake!!
AND... Happy Thanksgiving too!

Hope everyone had a great day! We enjoyed an early Thanksgiving with some new friends and then headed to Chase's school play/concert at 5 pm.  It was two hours with kids from the age 2 1/2 to 5. Go ahead, picture it. Ha  Anyway, Chase did great- waved at us numerous times (so cute!!) and did awesome! Not his usual shy self in crowds. We were so proud!!
They would not let us take in a video camera or camera in the auditorium (serious pre-school stuff), but I did buy a dvd (of course) of the whole thing we can share later. 
As you can tell Chase is thrilled about the concert and ready to go. Ha Ha

Yes, we were the only Americans at the pre-school concert (on Thanksgiving Day).
It was worth it.  Right honey?? :)

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