Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Although they do not celebrate Halloween here in Zim, I certainly made any effort possible to make sure the kids knew it was Halloween. I decorated the house as best I could with the decorations I have kept over the years. I even had my gardner help me make a big spider web with bamboo and string to hang on the front porch. Pretty neat! 

I also asked Chase's preschool of about 100 kids if they could do something for Halloween too...and they did! The head mistress asked all the kids to dress up! I made 100 little bags of popcorn, dressed up like a witch and handed candy and popcorn out to the kids at school for fun. 
I also brought Pumpkin Piper! Im not sure if you remember, but I did this a few years ago for Hannah's preschool in Kenya.  That was a lot more involved, but I am happy that I could do something to add a little fun for the holiday for Chase. 




At Hannah's school I decided to make cupcakes for the 1st grade class - about 60 kids.  Since they were not celebrating Halloween, I just dropped them off...but hopefully they know what it is for. Ha Hannah on the other hand was in a full Halloween ensemble and had on her Hello Kitty Halloween outfit. Too Cute!  As you can see, none of the other kids did much. They were even supposed to wear orange (im assuming for Halloween), but it looks like not many participated. Hope they enjoyed the special cupcake at the end of class.

We did not have any pumpkins, but I did however do my best to use some local things I found and make them into pumpkins. I think it worked pretty well for a wire framed basket that should be used as a lamp shade. Ha
This weekend we celebrated again with the Embassy community and other friends for a large party put on by the Embassy. Was loads of fun! 
Adult Halloween party ended with Karaoke. :)



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