Saturday, October 20, 2012

United Nations Day

This past Friday was United Nations Day at the Harare International School. Some international schools overseas also call this day, International Day. It is a day to show the true colors of each student and represent the places where they were each born. All the parents are asked to bring dishes from their own country and then each area or region is represented with a few food tables. 

Our table was in the "Americas" section with by far the most tables, second was Zimbabwe.  The biggest hit for most international students is the American junk food. Not something I am most proud of, but by the lines you will was the biggest hit.  Although we tried to stick to a theme of the Melting Pot, we ended up with way too many desserts.
They started with a show that the high school dancers performed from each of their regions, some unique Indian dancing and then a local school came to visit as well. They also performed with drumming and dancing too.  A representative from the United Nations also spoke. The end of the ceremony concluded with a representative from each country in a flag ceremony. It was pretty amazing and beautiful.
After the ceremony, everyone (parents, teachers and students) went to each of the tables to sample a little bit of each food from all the regions.  It was a fun day that started EARLY for us (the US Volunteers) below.

We arrived at 7:30 and did not get off of our feet until 3pm. The joys of volunteering I suppose. Ha
Enjoy a few pics!


(from October 2012)

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