Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mud Run - Take 2

Last year the kids participated in a Mud Run at the Marine House...and surprisingly it was that time of year again with yet another Fun Mud Run. 
Hannah and Chase were excited about the fun day of getting wet and dirty; however, when the time came for Chase to perform, he chickened out.  This seems to be a pattern with Chase when we get into big crowds. I guess we will have to see how this behavior progresses, I get it, its overwhelming. However, as soon as the day was over and we needed to leave, he finally decided he wanted to play and get on the water slide. By this time - it was time to go and tears were then falling down his face.
This is another fun pattern Mommy and Daddy get to enjoy EVERY time we leave...ANYWHERE!!. As if home is so horrible? They NEVER want to leave, tears and tantrums rage and Mommy and Daddy get to be the bad people, until of course they get in their seats (exhausted), crash out, then wake up totally absent minded of any incident that has occurred. Lucky us, the situation continues to repeat itself even after the prep talk before any play date or party. THIS my friends is a frustrating stage.
Back to the Mud Run. As you can see, Hannah had a BLAST!! And as you can also see, Daddy had fun torturing her to pieces. Ha! Too Fun!!!

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