Thursday, October 4, 2012

Catching up...

When I last wrote, I was writing about a green drink I had that morning, trying new sports like squash and tennis and keeping up with yoga ... working out almost every day of the week and then...BAM! Just like that, with one golf swing on my first time playing 18 holes- I did something to my back, my side, my rib? Who knows? In any case, 6 WEEKS LATER, an xray, a ct scan and an ultrasound later... I am still dealing with the pain.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I can see it..somewhere. More GOOD news ( I hope) to come on that soon.

Since this and the time we made it back from our R&R, I also had to plan the Harare International School's Family Fun Day (in 2 Weeks, I might add) and was in and out of meetings, at the school day in, day out.  They have a total of about 500 kids from Preschool to 12th grade. Finally, we had the event Saturday September 15th and it was a huge success.  Kids had a blast and I think volunteering my time was worth it, right? I think? More on that soon too. :)

The kids - they just got over some crazy croup that literally lasted 7 days with Chase at a 105.2 fever one afternoon. That scared me ... a lot! Tom also had to take Chase to the Embassy at 3 am one night to get a steroid shot and calm his breathing down. With one shot, he was fine and they headed home.

This is where Chase told Daddy...I think I swallowed a dog! :)

But, after staying home from school over a week, they are now on the mend and there is yet again, a light at the end of the tunnel.  And thank goodness because after today, THEY ARE BOTH FINALLY BACK IN SCHOOL!!! Wooo Hooo!  

So forgive the delay in updates, the lack of emails or calls, we are all slowly doing our best to get back to "normal", whatever that may be (Ha Ha) and promise to have more updates soon. I tend to send out multiple of these emails a year. Hmmmm.

It is hard to write a blog when your desktop crashes, we had no Internet AND my NEW iphone broke!! :(  So in this time, we got a new Internet company...Hooray!! and the desktop miraculously came back on, but only in short little spurts. And if you are wondering - yes, this is where ALL my pictures are hiding.  So, once I manage to get all the pictures off the desktop in the few minutes that is stays on and transfer them over to my laptop...I will have loads of more updates because we have actually been pretty busy these last few months.  AND...My anxiously awaited (by me only I am sure) R&R blog, that I have been working on for months, will finally be complete.  Also with the Iphone Broken, I haven't been able to send or post those random cute pics of the kids. Sorry. :(

More soon, Wish me luck!

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