Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Waiting Game...

Or should I just say, the life of working for the State Department.  This Friday was the day Tom was supposed to arrive from Pakistan, but yet...we wait.  We have no idea when he will get out of there, we hope its soon, but we still have no idea.  It is unbelievably hard, it is beyond difficult at times to know that this tour, one of the hardest times in our lives is almost over, but we still don't seem to have an end in site. It is hard to keep telling the kids, Daddy will be home so soon.  And when we started our countdown last month, we counted down by weeks and now, we keep repeating those weeks.  Good thing for them, they are really too young to know.  It doesn't make it any less harder, just more frustrating.  So, now with four weeks left until we were supposed to leave for DC, we wait.

The pre-survey for our pack-out is tomorrow.  They will come and examine everything we own as it is crammed into this house figuring out where it all must go, how much it weighs and how many crates to have for our move.  We will have four separate shipments.  Our HHE for storage- basically all of our furniture, our HHE for Zimbabwe - basically everything else we own and love, ha ha, an Air shipment to Zimbabwe and for the first time, a consumables shipment to Zimbabwe- extra food.  You wonder how all this is divided? Labels...lots of lables (as you can see before we left Kenya). 

Everything is happening as it should; however, without my wonderful husband.  I know he is coming home soon, but without a date, without knowing EXACTLY when he will be is hard. Really hard.  What is going on you ask? Visas, all I can say is visas. Egghh! Hopefully the next update will be...TOM IS FINALLY COMING HOME!  But for now, we know this is absolutely true, we just dont know when.  We have talked about the options; me meeting him in Zimbabwe with him leaving straight from Pakistan.  Um, NO!! We could stay longer here in Atlanta once he arrives, but Hannah may be almost a month and a half late for school. Is this good? Probably not, but its an option.  I suppose we will figure it out when the time comes.  This is part of the job unfortunately, part of this life and for now....we will just have to wait.

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