Sunday, July 10, 2011

He's Coming HOME!!!

I must honestly say that I had no idea after writing my last blog, I would be writing again so soon.  But, I am ... and boy am I glad.  Tom will be coming home sometime next week!!! Yippeee!

With this job, it is tough. You have to prepare yourself for the ups, the downs, the unknowns...always.  The benefits however far outweigh any negatives we have encountered so far; including this one year unaccompanied tour.  Its been tough, its been beyond difficult, but finally after a year of waiting and only one more week to go, it will be over. :) We have so much to look forward to, but most importantly we are just ready to be a family again.

The great news is, Tom will be here to help me PACK OUT in just TWO WEEKS! I know he is absolutely THRILLED that he will make it here just in time for that. Ha Ha  I cant believe its so soon. I have made multiple trips to Target, the Farmers Market, the container store, the mall, the drug store, the liquor store, and the BIG trip to Costco and surprisingly have just a few more stops to make before I can finally feel like we have everything we need.  I mean, how can you really fully PREPARE for a year or even two years ahead of time?  This move, although a little different is also our 7th time moving in seven years, and our third time moving overseas.  I should be used to it at this point, but there is always something that I forget to prepare for or wish I would have remembered.  This time however, I will do my best not to stress- ha ha, enjoy the rest of our time here with family and friends, embrace and never let go of my amazing husband when he finally comes home for good (except of course to let me out of the house for a pedicure and a few running BREAKS- ha), and have fun my last few weeks in the good 'ol USA before we leave for AFRICA!

Thank you for all your kind words and prayers in anticipation of Tom coming home. It was so much shorter than I thought it would be, and I could not be more thankful!  Guess all those prayers worked!!! :)

As a parting note for Tom and his WONDERFUL (ha ha) experience he has had in Pakistan, I leave you with this one picture.  Besides his pictures of the rug factory that he brought at Christmas, this is all I have seen of Pakistan.  He says that this is all you need to know about Pakistan...but really, it is all he cares to remember I'm sure.

See you soon my love!!!!

A family of 6 people on a motorcycle.  This, he said, is a record! Ha


edgar said...

that's great ofyou guys are coming back to Africa say hey to everyone

Jill said...

Thank GAWD! Matt has told me that exit visa's have been few and far between there ... but this is insane!

So glad he's coming home soon. We need to talk lady.

xxx Miss you! Love you!