Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Sweet Hannah Turns 5!!!

Hannah's Birthday was about a month ago, June 30th.  She celebrated just a little, once at school in May before her last day (they called it a half birthday) and once on her actual birthday. This past Saturday however, was her real birthday. Why, you ask?  Because Daddy's home to celebrate! This is all she wanted of course...Daddy...and a bike, a new barbie doll, a dress, etc. :) But really, DADDY is all she wanted to make her actual birthday complete. Luckily, he got here just in time for the party! Hooray!!!
Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Hannah!!!
We love you so very much!

Oh....how you have grown into such a little lady!!

On her 1st Birthday

On her 2nd Birthday                                                 On her 3rd

                    School picture in Kenya- October 2009 (3)             Her 4th Birthday Picture

Her school picture in October 2010 (age 4)     5th Birthday Picture- Pretty as a Princess!

Gam Gam took Hannah to the American Girl store for lunch with Bitty Baby and to get a new outifit

Papa Andy and Papa Scott got me a new bike! Guess what? I'M 5!!!

(Below) Birthday Party this past weekend:

Above- Hannah with her friends Sabrina and Sydney :)

  Hannah's Birthday had a wonderful surprise entertainment...Queen Glitter! She was the hit of the party and not only did the girls like her, but Chase LOVED her too!! They had a blast listening to her stories and watching her do magic tricks.  So much fun!

(Left) with Queen Glitter (Right) with Papa Tom - so sweet :)

(Right) All the 15 kids with QUEEN GLITTER!!! :) So Fun!

Sooooooo glad to have Daddy HOME!!! Can you tell I'm happy Daddy??? :)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
If you want to see more pictures from all the parties, click below:

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