Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowed In...In Atlanta?

Snow Day, Snow Day, Snow Day!

What a great sound this is to hear growing up and living in Atlanta most my life. However, never have I ever seen this much snow here. Its Nuts!  This past weekend we heard the news and got excited. We had a little snow on Christmas day which was just beautiful, but enough to do much in. So, this past weekend I heard people preparing, we laughed a little as we normally know the outcome (melted snow the day after), and saw them getting a tad bit frantic. Me? Sure, I guess I was prepared. I was starting a whole detox on Monday and had all the food I needed for the kids and I to last me a week. Lucky me. Ha ha ha My concern? Gloves. I just wanted the kids to have gloves to make a snowman. I ventured to Wal-Mart to get some gloves at 4 pm Sunday evening. Those of you here are asking...why?? I have no idea what I was thinking. Shelves were empty and there was only one grocery cart left for me and the kids in the entire Super Wal-Mart! So, we shopped for gloves.  There was ONE pair left and way too small, so we took this big adventure...for Nadda! But, we picked up a few things; some bread, milk, etc. and went on our way.  The snow started falling around 8 pm. What a site!

Although we knew it was coming, we had no idea we would be snowed in an ENTIRE WEEK! I can understand why people were preparing, we had no idea that we would get a total of about 7 inches!! Yes, to those of you up north, its not much. And yes I know you have over 20 inches in New York. But, its A LOT here! No snow plows, no salt for the roads...nothing. We just don't get that much snow here, so how could we be prepared? Needless to say, anyone in Atlanta is going stir crazy and we are definitely at that point.  We had ONE good day of snow fun the first day, Monday. We tried to build a snowman but got distracted by the neighbors with their sled. So, the kids went sledding. They had a absolute blast! The first real snow I have seen in over 12 years and the first time the kids had ever seen and played in snow.  We had a ball. The next day was the usual in Atlanta, everything was shut down! We were stranded and are still stranded today ... Friday-5 days later.  With nothing to clear the roads and temperatures below freezing, there is not much for people to do. My Dad, who is only a mile away, came over yesterday to help clear my very steep driveway.  THANK YOU DAD!!!! We can get out now if we want, but who knows what it is like on the other roads.  By the weekend, most should be melted as the temperatures warm up...but in the mean time, the kids and I have watched 100 movies, played games, made crafts, cleaned, organized, done laundry and cooked. Its been... fun. I am just ready for some adult interaction!! :) 

Enjoy the kids playing in their first snow!

Below: Hannah with her friend and neighbor, Sabrina. Above: Sabrina also rode the sled with Chase in the pics above. Hannah was inside at our neighbors, Randy and Kathy...warming her feet and drinking hot chocolate! Ha


Piper had fun too!

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