Saturday, January 15, 2011

Before, During and After

This long overdue update comes with a thousand things to tell, but I will do my best to brief all of you as best I can. It was a WONDERFUL holiday this year. Our first in the USA in over five years! and YES, of course you know why...TOM WAS HOME! We had an incredible three weeks filled with lots of fun and just simply enjoyed having our family together again. 

The kids made an adorable sign to welcome Daddy at the airport and were so very excited! No words can describe your feelings after five LONG months.  It was magical!  We got our first real Christmas tree, had fun decorating, visited with lots of family, played in a little snow and just hung out. It was perfect!

Most of you saw Tom's beard...It was crazy!! Tom looked good- crazy and different but of course fine. I could never say you look anything other than handsome honey, of course. :) But I had to do the Before, During and After update of not only our visit but Tom's hair too.  It was as if three people came to visit us. Ha ha

 Before and During

Who is that handsome guy??

Oh Honey...your too much!!!

Here a few family pics. But if you want to see more Christmas Pictures, follow this shutterfly link. There are too many to post.

Shutterfly Album: Christmas 2010


Date Night :)

Happy New Year!!!

Only 11 More Weeks until our next reunion honey! We Miss you too much already! :(

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