Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Blessed!

The past few weeks and the past few months have been a multitude of things that I can hardly go into, but it has been a lot of activity, a lot of fun, a lot of driving...and a whole lot to be thankful for! :)

Hannah had her first performance for school. But guess what? Mommy's camera memory card was MIA when I arrived, video camera was uncharged and all I had in the back of the church was an iphone. Regardless, she was adorable and it was fun to watch her as well as all the other children sing their favorite songs they had learned over the past month to all the Moms and Dads.  We then celebrated back in her classroom with a pumpkin pie that the class had made and brought home all her arts and crafts for the fall.  She sang one song out of about 10 and at one point just propped her hand on her chin (on the alter) and looked around at everyone. Guess it was just not that entertaining. Ha

We took a long trip to Indiana to see my Grandfather (my Mother's father) the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We drove 12 hours up Saturday and left Tuesday morning. It was quick, it was long but it was special.  I enjoyed each second of playing Wii with Grandpa and him watching the kids. He had not seen Hannah since she was born and he had not met Chase yet either. It was a wonderful trip that we will treasure always.

A Four generation Picture!

After returning Tuesday, we relaxed Wednesday and then spent Thanksgiving Day at my Dad's house.  Nonne and Aunt Alexis came up for the festivities too. We enjoyed a great meal and some wonderful family time. It was our first Thanksgiving in the US in four years. Of course Tom was missing and that was sad, but knowing we will see him in just a few weeks made it all the merrier to celebrate. Tom was also able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving in Pakistan with a Honey Baked Ham (that was obviously shipped in) at the Consul Generals house. He was more than grateful to have all his favorites for the holidays too, especially since he couldn't be with us. Chicken was just not going to cut it this time. Right honey?

We ended the weekend with some one on one time with Aunt Alexis and Nonne. We had a great visit, one that included Mommy and Alexis getting massages and shopping. Hip Hip Hooray!! The kids also got to  make a gingerbread house and we all had a ball. Aside from the dead rodent under my sun room...it was a great weekend! Right guys? Ha

I have so much to be thankful for, so many good friends, such a wonderful family, my two beautiful children and most importantly Tom. We have missed him so much and we are just counting down the days until we can see him. And at least now the days can actually be counted on just a few hands..instead of on a few pages of a calendar.  We cant wait!

Only ONE MORE WEEK Honey!!! :)

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