Friday, February 4, 2011

Just another one of those FUN days

One of those rambling journal entries....

Oh yeah…what a day. Its been like this roller coaster of these mini events and yet I’m like seriously…was that ONE day?

We have all had colds which have just sucked. Chase had to go to the darn ER this weekend for croup poor thing. He had a 103 fever with restricted breathing- it was time to go. I mean this is after I used approximately 5 different thermometers on him with NONE of them having the same temp. The temps ranged from 94, yes 94 to 99.8. Finally, I took some auxiliary thermometer and used it rectally and got the great temp of 103. Little did I know that you don’t do rectal temps anymore for kids this old. Sounds strange? The nurse told me that at the ER and said you normally stop that at 2. I have probably just now traumatized my poor child for life with the whole rectal thermometer experience. That will be the one thing he remembers…me with the thermometer and pushing it up his bottom. Great!!! Not the hugs or the cookies, the thermometer. Eeeggh. And by the way, I bought that new push it to the size of your head Latest and Greatest thermometer that is supposed to be SO easy and accurate. That is the one that measured 94. After a steroid shot and the use of a nebulizer (with some serious and not so fun flashbacks to the hospital in Nairobi), we were home Sunday night in just a couple hours with a very sleepy boy.

Back to today...

So, currently why I write this I am on my second batch of mini muffins for snack tomorrow because I am not only class snack Mom for Hannah and 17 kids but also Chase’s class and 17 more kids…and guess what? I remembered at 4:30 pm today while I was taking Chase to the doctor to checked out for still having a fever after our Sunday run to the ER. Luckily lungs are fine but now he has an ear infection. So, as I ran the kids to Publix after going to the doctor to then get his new ear infection prescription. I remembered on the way and thought … I will make mini muffins! Oh yeah, Mom…that’s a great idea. You have so much time to make darn mini muffins. Well, regardless…I forgot to get the freaking mix at the grocery because it was going to take 30 min. for the RX and I needed to just come back. Luckily, Dad had us over for dinner and after I dropped the kids off, I ran back up to Publix to get the Rx AND the muffin mix (did I mention its been pouring rain this whole time- ALL Day? ) and guess what else? Some sort of spray wood floor cleaner for my wood floors. Because ALSO today I decided to test out of my Dad’s new Oreck floor steamer that I have been so anxiously wanting to buy (that or the Shark). So, when I decided to test out the steamer it some how stripped some stain off of the floor (of the house I am renting- Awesome!). So, I called Oreck and they said to get this wood spray stuff (that I have never heard of) that I then tried to find at Publix. So, I picked up the wood spray stuff ( I think), the Rx, the muffin mix and some Advil- because Yes, its that time of the month and just that kind of day- Lucky Me! But my real question here is after I made the effort to get the muffin mix then get home, get the kids ready for bed., fall asleep with Hannah (as usual), wake up at 9 pm. (as usual) and start my Super Snack Mom planning….is why in the world did I not just BUY muffins at Publix and be done with it already??? By the way- I'm so stuffed up I cant even breathe! Ha

As a side note:

In between the morning, taking and picking up Hannah from school and heading to the doctor I somehow got conned at my front door by the18 year old girl to help her get “points” for her Europe trip and Medical School??? by buying a three year subscription to Family Fun Magazine. The whole time I was thinking, this is a con. A swarm of kids are going to come running in my house with guns, my daughter is behind me begging to tell her her name and I HAD to open the darn door. I would not have done it, but I was sitting with Hannah on the couch (thought it was my Dad with the steamer) and when the girl knocked, Piper barked so I thought it would wake up Chase- and then I did it. Ran and opened the door. No judgments honey. I checked and its legit. I just totally feel like a sucker!

Earlier today, I also tried to be super (I’m going to educate my kids) Mom today and got out the Leapfrog Click Start- My first computer game that we got the kids LAST Christmas and never opened. Do you like I think that is educating my kids? Ha So, I got it out, installed the batteries, hooked it up and Voila- a fun new game! The only looks like Atari on our lovely 46 inch LCD screen. The Backyardigans look like robots. Isn’t it 2011?

End of side note.

So, I am sitting here, writing and waiting for that batch of mini muffins (that I just now checked and almost burnt because I forgot to put the timer on) and then have to make one or two more for the night and hopefully finally get to bed by 11 or maybe 12 and realized, its just been one of those fun days.

And Guess What else? I’m SO sending my son to school tomorrow (regardless of cold, fever and ear infection) because I am just one of those Moms. I mean I have to bring snack and he is on antibiotics and honestly, he seems fine. :)

By the way, Mom needs a SERIOUS break!!!

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