Saturday, December 20, 2008

A little taste of Kenya

I decided to take some pictures of the streets and the people as we were driving one day. I rarely have the camera with me and I am usually driving, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

Although some of the pictures are from an area about 20 minutes from our home, it is somewhat similar. The roads are the same if not worse, but there are always street vendors everywhere, on every corner, selling their most recent creations. They make everything here by hand and right there on the side of the road, even the staining. It is amazing sometimes to see what they start at the beginning of the day and see what beautiful masterpiece has been made at the end of the day. They are truly talented people.

Traffic is crazy. And with no traffic lights and no stop or yield signs, a 4 way traffic stop can be a tad bit difficult. A true free for all, if you can imagine. They also have a lot of roundabout traffic circles here too. Once you enter the circle, the more aggressive car wins. :)

Oh, and we haven't yet tried out that Chinese restaurant. I am sure it is most definitely the best quality around town. Ha

Enjoy the pics...
I can not get these darn pictures to line up correctly, so forgive the horrible collage of photos.

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