Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sleepover Madness!!

Hannah had a small sleepover in March and then another one this past weekend.  Although I did feel like I was a bit more tolerable the first time around- this one took me over the top. Maybe it was the different kids at each one, maybe it was just me...but I seriously could not get them to leave fast enough the next morning.
Hannah on the other hand was in heaven.  Well, except when they messed up her room, they wouldn't listen to what "she" wanted to do and when they were not all bickering...all was wonderful in her world.  Ha Ha
It was definitely a fun night and morning and I think they kids had a you can clearly see.
Sleepover/Swim Party from early March

Merrill, Kurumbua and Abbi
Farewell Sleepover from May

 Dance Party!
The kids also worked on special scrapbook pages saying goodbye to Hannah.  So sweet!

Merrill, Ruva, Kurumbua, MeMe and Amarah
Some special friends I know Hannah will really miss!! :(

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