Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Chase!

Chase just celebrated his 5th Birthday! I can not believe it! This boy, he cracks you up one second, cuddles with you another second and then is sent to his room in time out for the next second. He is a true Gemini through and through. His deep thoughts will amaze you, his memory as well- like for example this funny story I told on facebook last week. A random memory he conjured up from a year ago.
During pre-school Chase's teacher was showing them how to hold a pencil correctly. She referenced holding the pencil like a crab- with its claws. Chase yells out...MY DAD HAD A CRAB ON HIS BALLS AT THE BEACH! She told me this story and could not stop laughing and said he just kept going on and on. Just so you know, Chase was referring to when Tom was playing bocce ball on the beach in Charleston last summer- and there was just that, a crab under one of his (bocce)balls.

Ha Ha! Hilarious!!
We decided against doing a BIG party this year and settled for a nice family outing to Wild is Life Animal Sanctuary. Due to my lack of family blogging, it is also one of the last posts I sent.  Tom and the kids had never been and I thought it would be a fun trip for his birthday but also a fun last trip before we leave Harare. It is also only 20 minutes away.
Chase, although extremely brave, was not quite ready to be stuck in between roaring lions (with a chain link fence) waiting for feeding time- but honestly, who is?  Tom went by himself in between the lion cages and I stayed outside with the kids while we fed some monkeys some leaves and had an ostrich follow us around. It was a fun day.And how can you beat a birthday cake and opening presents with wild animals surrounding you? :)
To my sweet boy Chase- I love you, I love your deep thoughts, your conversations with me, how you worry about me, but also how you worry about other people. I love that your current obsession is our gardener, Mr. Stanley.   You actually think he is your brother and that you ask to have hair just like him. :)
We are at Wild Is Life...Hooray!
Feeding some monkeys...carefully!
Petting the owner's dog...of course. There was nothing really else to see. Ha
Chase got his own birthday cake and every one sang to him too!
Hannah and Chase with the Pangolin- so sweet!

Just petting some Cheetahs- no big deal.
 Baby cute!

Chase feeding the Kudu strawberries.  And... the baby monkey jumping on Daddy's back when he wasn't looking- unfortunately, the other monkeys in the cage decided to grab for Chase when he ran to the cage (in front of Daddy).  Scared him a bit, they just wanted his nose. Ha
Just playing with some toys while wild animals surround me. Another, No big deal!
Do you see the lion cub checking the kids out? She followed them around where ever they went. Kind of creepy, but glad she was behind the fence!!

A picture with the owner, Roxy Danckwerts.  So sweet! This is her home and she started the sanctuary for injured animals 15 years ago.
A Wildebeest!

Opening presents. Again, with the wild animals and beautiful sunset behind. Oh and with an ostrich feather he found. Kind of cool. :)
A great family photo!
Happy 5th Birthday Chase- hope you remember this one!
We love you!



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