Sunday, March 25, 2012

Taking "2"

Well, I finally finished the job a few weeks ago and have been left in somewhat of a lull. I enjoyed the being busy part and having a "goal" for the day that made me feel somewhat "accomplished". Ha  But now that I am back home and doing my best to get back in to the swing of things, it has surprisingly become...easier.  I have a lot more energy, which may be to my diet and I feel a little more "organized".  And Yes, I just used another quotation.  Sometimes "they" are necessary!! :)

This got me thinking about how lucky I am to actually stay home with the kids, to be here when they get home from school and simply, just to relax with them.  Every moment can't be a utopia, but some moments can certainly be fun. And with the recent incident by Chase this past week, what else can you do but scream...and then laugh it off.  

For those of you who did not hear...

around 3 pm Friday afternoon. Not sure how long it stayed in there or why my phone was in the bathroom, but he eventually took it out, wiped it off ( the supposed waterproof Otter Box Case) and then it was left there on the table until the next day...with me, not knowing.  When I finally took it out of the super protective case to charge it, the phone was drenched in water. Knowing Chase did something...I immediately approached him and asked what he had done. Was it an accident? Did you put it in the sink? The Toilet?? Just please tell me so I can fix it??  He admitted ... the toilet.  Well at that point, I thought I was probably too late. I opened it, watched you tube videos, tried to dry it out, put it back together, and soaked it in rice.  Still...nothing. It is correctly at a shop here "trying" to be be fixed. The surprising news here is that the "motherboard" is actually OK and the screen is what needs to be replaced. We will see what happens.  Its just a phone I know and since I recently lost all those pictures, you cant help but be a little more relaxed about this one. Hopefully it can get fixed, but I got another phone for now- and although I cant take pictures and send videos to the grandparents- (so sorry!!), Its still OK. 

On this note, I wrote Remember When a few months ago on the laptop and kind of forgot about it.  It kind of goes with the story above, for those crazy kind of days.  However, it certainly makes you matter how frustrated you get with the kids, there are still those fun and PRECIOUS moments. And if I was not here, I would not get to experience any of them.  Eventually, I'm going to have to get a job.  So, for now...its important to take the time to embrace those really FUN moments because they certainly wont last forever.

Chase drawing some "actual" people, instead of just heads and legs. Ha

Hannah is writing!

By the way- Final word... Phone is KAPUT!!! 

And then there is ... tomorrow. :)

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