Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Smelling the Roses!

I recently joined a group where we write or send blogs with other FS families. Its been fun to read about other people going through similar life events, as this life is hard to conceptualize at times to the "average" person.  I was excited however to receive the latest request by my friend to write about what you actually LIKE at post!  After one of my recent blogs was titled, Reality Bites, I didn't want to scare everyone out of the good parts of Zimbabwe and thought this would be a good chance and honestly, a good lift me up!  

I also just recently completed a job at the Embassy, a short one, but I had to complete our Differential Report. Basically, the report is about all the hardships you are going through at post. Again, not uplifting. I however, with working, missed the deadline for my friends "what you like" at post blog. I decided, I still wanted to write that blog.

One of the wonderful things about living here in Zimbabwe is the weather.  I must say I feel truly lucky to have a home and garden as beautiful as this one!!  I get to wake up to it every morning and with the amazing climate we have in Zimbabwe, there is always a new flower in bloom.  Even watching the many birds that visit our home can be a National Geographic moment. It seems like there is a new one every day!  I spent one afternoon FINALLY practicing some of my photography class skills and actually taking a moment...to smell the roses. These are the pictures I took in our yard. I'm not sure why I don't do it more, but I am certainly going to try!

Another wonderful thing about our post here in Zimbabwe is the people.  The people at the Embassy are so nice and genuine. And although it is not the same Kenya Crew I had, it is still nice and I feel pretty lucky. Also, there is not really that crazy one in the bunch...you know, the one you avoid at parties. Ha Ha  We haven't really had that yet and this, my friends, is WONDERFUL!  Its the little things. :)

I would certainly love a movie theatre to go to on the weekend. Or possibly a choice of anything other than a non-pirated movie to watch occassionaly. Its OK though, because in a few months I will happily drag my husband to all the good and bad movies I want to see when we go home for R&R.   Right Honey????

Although this is random, there is also a local guy who sells phone cards on the side of the road.  These people are everywhere selling phone cards, newspapers, flowers, flags (yes, flags), pool floats (yes, pool floats) at any and every corner and in the middle of the road, I might add.  This one peson however I pass every morning and afternoon when I take Hannah to school. One day, he just started smiling and waving to me every time he would see me in the car. So, it just became our thing.  I would also, smile and wave.  Any time I was down or already frustrated from getting Hannah to school late or the crazy drivers at 7 am, I would see him...and smile. Who knows what this guy's life is like, who knows what he goes home to every day, but he would always have a smile on his face and just seemed to be so very happy.  It started to become our ritual. Every time I saw him, I would then change my attitude for the morning and then seemed to have a better outlook on the day ahead and more simply stated, life in general.  If he can be happy selling newspapers and phone cards on the side of the road, with normally the same few outfits every week- what in the world do I have to complain about?

So during Christmas I decided to have a  "feel good" moment and one day I pulled over, called the young gentleman over, got my staff some phone cards from this nice man, and gave this random stranger some money.  I just said here, thank you for always smiling and waving at me, hope you enjoy your holidays.  He was surprised, and then I said, with a laugh, but please don't tell anyone- I don't want everyone smiling and waving at me. Ha Ha...with a smile.  He kindly nodded, laughed a little and said thank you. 

A few weeks later when I passed him yet again, he acted as if he had something for me, so I rolled down my window.  He ended up gave me his wedding invitation for his upcoming wedding in April. He said he hoped I could come.  Unfortunately it is pretty far away in Victoria Falls (about 12 hours), although I really do wish we could go. Soon, I will give him a card with a little more money for his wedding and thank him for making my day a little bit better. 

So, when I get down about the little things here that we may be missing, the modern conveniences of home that I sometimes wish we had more of; I think of our home, the new friends we have made, our beautiful garden and sometimes this sweet man, that have made a difference in the few months we have been living here in Zimbabwe.  And these my friends, are the things I like about post. Its simple, but sometimes...isn't that all we need, just to stop and smell the roses? 

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