Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Mango Queen was here!

In my delay in emails, I sent a couple out about Nonna but missed a few highlights. We went to Dombashawa, which I mentioned before. And we also went to Imire Park. This is our second time going and was great.  Our first trip is here.  Although I do not have a picture of Nonna riding her first elephant, I might have to say it was the highlight of the trip.  Thanks again for a great trip!

Some fun pictures are below.

 Nonna and Hannah feeding the rhinos. Check out those lips!

 Nzou, a 35-year-old orphaned female elephant that has, over the years, become the matriarch of a herd of buffalo.  She will not hang out with any other elephants (they tried) at the park and truly believes she is a buffalo.  Pretty amazing.


We also had some sundowners (drinks) while watching the sunset and some animals also came to visit.

At Home...

Mangoes, Mangoes, & more Mangoes.
Tom went up in the tree to pick some fresh mangoes- so crazy!  Here are all the mangoes he picked, plus many more. We made EVERYTHING out of mangoes, including some yummy margaritas. Hannah went crazy with Nonna and they would eat mangoes ALL day long.
Their new names for the trip were the Mango Queen and the Mango Princess. :)

 Below: A picture with Patrick Mavros at his home. Patrick is the famous jewelry designer here in Zimbabwe that we were lucky to meet and hang out with a little. He is mentioned on a previous post from our Italian Night with Nonna.

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